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June 29, 2022 Astrology Forecast

June 29, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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The ever changing answer,
To the question “Who am I?”
Reminds me I’m the author of,
The story of my life.

Hola Authors!

So much going on on all fronts! The homefront is a big one now as the Sun transits Cancer and throws light upon the shadows of our karmic past. It can undoubtedly be a heavy time caring and nurturing others when we may be feeling depleted and need some TLC ourselves! On the social front, there is unrest in the streets. On the political front, folks are taking sides and pot shots at each other from more extreme positions. So what’s an author to do?

As usual, I ran out of time on the Pele Report. I didn’t get as specific as desired concerning the Mars/Pluto square (tho the manifestations of that we can see all around us. What we have is a fireball (Mars) getting shot out of a cannon (Aries), and it will need a place to land. Aries needs Taurus. Taurus provides the grounding, the stabilizing, and the slowing down of the random rapid-fire energy emerging out of Aries. So this Mars square Pluto is a buildup of energy NOW that will be slowing down, deepening, and instigating visible change. It’s like the sine wave coming to its highest point and needing to come back down, return, and land (next week).

The Sabian symbol for Mars entering 0 degrees Taurus:
A Clear Mountain Stream
KEYNOTE: The pure, uncontaminated, and spontaneous manifestation of one’s own nature.

Here we see life substance in its original dynamic form and as it emerged from its spiritual source. This is true whatever the nature of the source may be. In a sense, the mountain stream is conditioned by the nature of the soil and by all the forces that in the past have formed the mountain’s rock strata: that is to say, by past history. Yet out of this past, a new, pure (i.e., unadulterated) release of potentiality has emerged. It is ready to perform whatever work its dharma is to accomplish.

So yes, we have a past, a family, a history, but just like Mars entering Taurus, there is a new, pure release of potential. Our “I” is constantly changing, evolving, and growing as we become more self-aware. As such, we are forever being renewed and are new, pure versions of ourselves. As we let go of the past, the conventions, the expectations, yea, even perhaps some of the dreams, we continually create the story of our lives and begin a new chapter where anything can happen.

So this week is a week to DO. An excellent week to implement what has been intuited, engineer the invention, manifest the vision, and live the NEW dream. Let’s pull it out of our fiery intuition and bring it down to earth, breaking free of old patterns, habits, and restraints and be our new, pure, authentic selves.

I’ll be packing up and heading over to Spain by next Wednesday. Closing up shop here for a while, letting go with a song and prayer that this trip happens. I’ll be all over the place (hopefully!) in the next couple of months, and it would be great to see you there! Check out the different topics and locations and sign up HERE!

The ever changing answer,
To the question “Who am I?”
Reminds me I’m the author of,
The story of my life.

Sovereignty is being the authority or “author of” your life. It requires tapping into your watery Cancerian, emotional, intuitive, spiritually connected self, making choices, and taking actions that integrate these unique qualities of your soul. This, in turn, counteracts Wetiko, or the mass formation, as you are not hypnotized, manipulated, or coerced into anything outside your truth. Let’s do it! 

I know it can be argued that some people consciously do wrong, harmful, or evil things. What I did not get into in the report is what I will call the different states, aspects, or levels of consciousness. Within most occult or spiritual traditions, there exist many types of consciousness besides human consciousness, including plant consciousness, animal consciousness, daemon consciousness, and more. Even within modern human psychology, we have the collective unconscious, the personal unconscious, the subconscious, and the conscious, the latter of which I call “ego consciousness.”

The ego-consciousness lives in the 3D reality of separation, the material world, and is, therefore, “asleep” to its own spiritual roots/nature. Therefore, yes, an “ego conscious” individual is fully capable of taking destructive (unconscious) acts as they are not conscious (or unconscious) of their connection to “All That Is,” Source, or Spirit. So when I refer to “conscious” decisions/thoughts/actions, I am referring to awakened people who are conscious of their connection and union with Spirit or Source. 

After doing the report, on my way home, I realized I would need to create a new word for what I was speaking of! I hope this makes it more clear.

Here is the link to the article mentioned in the report.
This week’s song! The Beatles, I’ve a Got a Feeling.

So Much Love,

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