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June 30, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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When I am blocked, stopped,
Under pressure or delayed,
I review all my plans,
So I don’t go astray.

​​​​​​Hola Initiates!

This is a time of initiation, and that includes testing and verification that you are ready, willing, and able to advance to the next level of your evolutionary ladder. Ready? It will require that you maintain a cool, calm composure through the entire process of being challenged, thwarted, imposed upon, abandoned, and left only to your own devices as the full weight of the universe is laid upon your shoulders… AH!!! Feel a little bit of the pressure? Some kind of fourth of July weekend party this is!

But really, this period is also a portal. Initiation is a graduation leading to greater expansion and expression of your true Self. It’s a growth process that requires the maturity, boundaries, discrimination, and responsibility needed for the position or “office” that needs to be filled. So while it will lead to a future expansion, it can now feel like a constriction or contraction. You’ll need to draw down within yourself, summon your strength from your core, come into complete self-reliance and “toughen up” to be worthy of the position of authority you are being asked to fulfill. How does that sound? Oh well, perhaps another good song for this week is “Ya gotta pay your dues if you wanna sing the blues and you know it don’t come easy…”

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When I am blocked, stopped,
Under pressure or delayed,
I review all my plans,
So I don’t go astray.

Welcome to Mars, Saturn, Uranus territory, the land of the sharp, steel sword. This is like one of those college entrance exams where you file in, no talking, take your seat, are given only a pencil, the timer is set, and the stone-faced man at the front keeps a close eye out for cheaters. Are you ready? Did you study? Are you nervous or afraid? Are you REALLY up to it? What’s it all about? For? Why bother? Where will it get me? Do I really WANT to “advance?” Is it worth all the pressure? These may be some of the questions coming up these days, along with “How did it come to this anyway, or how did I get here?”  

I think another song for this week could be “Break on Through to the Other Side.” I should have said that in the report! This is a time to muster up all we got, trust ourselves, cut the cords, put down the crutches, take off the training wheels and RIDE like the wind (another fitting song)! So the answer is YES! It is worth it. There is dawn after the dark. A new day is dawning. Life is taking us somewhere.  

Why exactly it is this way, or who set it up to be so hard sometimes may be questions best saved for later as they could distract you from putting all of your focus, attention, and energy on the matters at hand. Sometimes you have to “Just Do It,” and this is one of “those” times. Is there a guarantee it’s worth it? No. Life doesn’t offer guarantees. That’s part of the test. So let’s all pick up those pencils, get it over with, and move on, shall we?  

Pink Floyd – Another Brick in the Wall
The Doors – Break on Through To the Other Side

So Much Love,

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