Tools for Discovering Your Soul's Purpose
A weekend in-depth Astrology workshop with Kaypacha
on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
Friday June 30 - Sunday July 2, 2017

Astrology is far more than a predictive tool to tell the future. It is a source of deep understanding, truth, and healing. Each participant will, in advance, send us details of your place and time of birth to prepare your astrological birth chart. Your astrological birthchart is a virtual blueprint of your soul describing why you are here. This weekend will assist you to manifest that potential. Kaypacha will use astrology, kundalini yoga, breathwork and meditation to help you shine fresh understanding on past wounds and more fully embrace yourself to create your life in a more empowered, conscious way. You will come away with insightful astrological tools to know yourself on deeper levels, and with new awareness to enhance your life.

Past life patterns will be revealed that have set the stage for this life's soul intention including childhood, relationship, vocation, financial, and future experiences. We will discuss and physically experience the energy of the 12 zodiacal archetypes, and explore the meaning of them, the planets, and houses of your personal horoscope. Using your own birth chart, and example charts of others, we will demonstrate how astrology can be used as a healing tool and for guidance in important decision making processes.


Friday Evening (7 - 9:30pm) - The Astrology of 2017 and Beyond: This introductory talk will set the foundation for the weekend by describing the current astrological patterns.
In this talk Kaypacha will discuss the cycles of human/planetary evolution active at this time. These range from the 26,000 year precession of the equinoxes through the Age of Aquarius (2000 years), Pluto (248 years) right down to the Moon (29 days)! These "transits" describe the past, current, and future state of the collective unconscious of which we are all a part. How are these astrological patterns and their meanings affecting each one of us in our everyday life whist we emerge out of old, patriarchal and socio-cultural conditioning?
(This talk will be a separate event, and is included in the price of the workshop)

Saturday (10 am - 5 pm) - Using your own birthchart (which will be provided), you will begin to grasp a deeper understanding of yourself and your soul purpose. Activities will include breathwork, yoga, and an exploration into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac. We will look at the building blocks of the horoscope including not only the signs but the planets and houses as well.

Sunday (9 am - 5 pm) - This day will be spent putting the pieces of the puzzle together that were learned Saturday. We will look particularly at the placements of Pluto, the Moon's Nodes, and the Ascendant to give an understanding of the past and future intentions of the soul. With these insights, you will have the skeleton features of your Soul Purpose and be on your way to becoming your own personal astrologer. The day will start and close with Kundalini yoga and meditation to bring your new awareness fully into your body and assist you in the process of "waking up!"


Participants will be required to send their full name, date, place and time of birth so an individual astrological birth chart may be prepared for you in advance. To be sent in after registration to: theblueraven@shaw.ca.

Kaypacha wishes to offer workshop registrants the opportunity, prior to the workshop, to learn the basics of astrology in tandem with your own personal birth chart. Kaypacha’s Astrology 101 online webinar is a  recorded 8-part webinar series whereby Kaypacha teaches Basic Astrology including the houses, signs, planets, aspects and more.

This complete webinar course on basic astrology includes an online recording, plus downloadable videos, mp3s, transcripts, important handouts, example charts and more. This is included in your workshop fee.

The intent of this offering is for you as a participant to familiarize yourself with the symbols of the zodiac and what houses your own personal planets are in. This way, everyone will be able to dive deeper into the workshop, and you will come away with a much deeper understanding of your own personal astrology. 

It will be expected that you already have a basic understanding of the symbols in your chart from listening to the webinar or previous study so the group can go deep fast.  Don't miss this opportunity!


13243771_915064131932915_7234538550508907493_oBeaver Point Hall, 1365 Beaver Point Rd. Saltspring Island V8K 1X2

Website: http://www.beaverpointhall.org/

Free time for lunch will be from 12:45 - 2pm. Beaver Point Hall is nestled in some spectacular forested land. This lunch hour is a perfect time to reflect and share on what you have learned and perhaps a stroll thru the woods.

What to Bring:

For Saturday and Sunday, please bring a prepared lunch. Tea service will be provided.

Please bring a yoga mat, pen and journal, and wear cozy clothes with some layers as needed.


This workshop is sold out.

Workshop space is limited. We encourage you to take advantage of the Early Bird discount, as Kaypacha's workshops tend to fill quickly.

Workshop* - Friday thru Sunday Early Bird to May 1, 2017: $250 Cdn, $300 thereafter.

Additional Info:

Information for off island guests: Off island guests are encouraged to reserve in advance accommodation and ferries on this long weekend. Ruckle Park is probably one of the most beautiful places to camp (ocean front) and near to Beaver Point Hall. A bed and breakfast that is located on the southern part of the island would be ideal, and closer to the time of the event, we will support a ride-share system for those who wish to walk on the ferry.

Here is a great website to help with accommodation bookings - https://saltspringmarket.com/

Ruckle Provincial Park Bookings - https://secure.camis.com/DiscoverCamping/Ruckle?Calendar

BC Ferries - http://www.bcferries.com/

There are two fresh-water lakes in the southern part of the island that are gorgeous to swim in! Bring your birthday or your bathing suit and towel! :)

Saturday night is Canada day, when traditionally fireworks start at dusk in our town centre, Ganges.


*Cancelation Policy:

Tickets are non-refundable, however transferable within 15 days of workshop (in order to prepare birthchart)

**Kaypacha on Kundalini Yoga; "I cannot stress enough how much Kundalini Yoga has changed my life (for the better)! I often tell people in my workshops that I use Astrology as bait just to get them to come and experience Kundalini Yoga. While I have studied astrology for almost 40 years now, it wasn't until after I did my teacher training in Kundalini Yoga that my understanding, readings, and perception of astrology deepened immensely. I completed my training in 2010, sold/gave away my belongings and moved to Hawaii to live as a yogi doing my practice quietly for the rest of my life. While that did not happen, a lot of other things did, like the birth of the Pele Report and the subsequent expansion of my work. The exciting thing about Kundalini Yoga is that it actually changes you on a cellular level into a new and different person than you were. It opens you up and kills off all that is 'not you.'"


One thought on “Tools for Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose – Salt Spring Island, British Columbia (1st Evening is Open to the Public!)

  1. Hi Kaypacha,
    I have been experiencing a spiritual “deepening” since August 2016, and dear trusted friends turned me on to your Pele Report. I now look forward to listening to your voice while washing dishes or doing yoga, and your mantras steady and inspire me week after week. I am just starting to investigate understanding astrology and find it already transformative. Thank you!
    This Salt Spring Island 3-Day retreat sounds like a dream, one I would like to participate in. Nagging me is a chronic fatigue syndrome which can make it hard for me to participate in events lasting over five hours per day. If, by June 2017, I find myself in a state of low energy, would I be able to give the workshops my best, and retreat back to my bed when I need to rest?
    SO MUCH LU-UV! Nora Comeau

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