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I feel the energy rising,
Like a volcano I could blow,
But my job as a conscious loving person,
Is to heal, not hurt those I know.

Whew! Gotta get on top of our game these days! When that Moon goes into Aries this weekend, with Mars on the south node and Venus opposite Lilith we may find ourselves erupting! Let's remember that anger is a secondary emotion and Jupiter in Scorpio is asking us to go deep down under to find and dig out the roots. While it's natural to get pissed off when we don't get what we want (Mars), there's a deeper, soul evolutionary force bringing it onto the table to be seen.

The good news is the Sun/Mercury in Gemini which wants to throw light on it, talk about it and mutate it! This is such an amazing time to deeply connect with ourselves and each other, come clear and clean and make our dreams come true. The Moon on Neptune right now can both open a can of worms AND give us glimpses of the highest, purest, most beautiful yoga (union) that is possible. May you clean the slate, wipe the mirror, and be the best version of yourself in all your relationships!

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