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June 9, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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My shadow is like a cave full of bats,
Silently waiting in the dark.
A part of me that will break free,
And shock me awake with a start.

Hola Eclipsers!

You’re probably getting this newsletter just as the eclipse is happening! It is both a grand finale for the eclipse season and a new Moon signaling a new beginning. As I wrote about in this week’s lunar planner, the Moon has been rising from her south node total eclipse for two weeks, bringing up everything from the bottom of the barrel, and is now at her north node receiving a new set of cosmic instructions!

With the Sun, Moon, and Mercury conjunction now square to Neptune, this eclipse can make these waters a bit tricky to navigate, and you may be feeling uprooted, insecure, and uncertain. Don’t worry, this too shall pass! What may be worth letting go of at this time are some of those old beliefs that we’re somehow separate from all of creation, that Life is not holding us, that we’re alone instead of All-One. For sure, your unconscious soul spirit has a plan for you, and while it may upset your ego plans, know that it knows what is best. You will not only survive but Thrive!

As I mentioned in the report, this eclipse is happening in my 10th house, and I am excited to bring forth my second online course this year. “What Will Happen When” will go into the age factor and show you what astrological cycles are rising and falling for you so you can see what’s coming and where you’ve been from a deeper perspective. It’s an in-depth course that will cover a ton of material, so if you are interested, you should read about it (and sign up soon) HERE!

Also, if you would like to learn more about eclipses in general and this one in particular, you can join me this Sunday, June 13 for a live Zoom meeting discussing the astronomy, timing, and meaning of eclipses. Eclipses occur twice annually and are connected with powerful, often sudden, changes. In addition, they have a 19-year cycle in which they return to aspect the same points in your natal chart. So pick up your chart and join us for an astrological adventure this Sunday from 11 am – 1 pm PDT! It will be a 90-minute presentation with 30 minutes for questions and answers at the end.
It is free to New Paradigm Astrology Community members, but we are opening this one to the public as there is a lot of interest being expressed. The cost is $20, but you may consider joining the community for a month ($22) and seeing the vast library of instructional videos available, as well as all the other benefits of membership! Sign up HERE!

My shadow is like a cave full of bats,
Silently waiting in the dark.
A part of me that will break free,
And shock me awake with a start.

Can we welcome the solar eclipse when the Moon breaks the auric field of protection around the earth, enabling souls and spirit beings from distant space into our space/time continuum? It’s like a Uranus transit (which is exactly square Saturn, too) or Halloween! The ghosts and goblins come out, the skeletons in the closet of our subconscious rattle their bones. We see some shadows that maybe we don’t want to see, and they scare us.

This eclipse happening in Gemini makes me want to rewrite the description of that archetype for the new paradigm. Just as Virgo has undergone an “update,” from prudish librarian to empowered woman, so too Gemini needs an upgrade from the puer/puella eternus (eternal youth), that is “just” Mercurial and a jovial trickster, to a key player(s) on the path of soul evolution.

Besides looking back to 2002 when the same eclipse pattern occurred last, we can also look back just three months when the Sun joined Neptune in Pisces, the spiritual dream. Now, three months later, it’s time to break out (or get broken out of) the dream and thrust into this earthly realm to manifest it. We may want out, but not until we come all the way in! Blessings on your journey!

This week’s song is, of course, Roger Waters – Eclipse!

So Much Love,


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