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I would like to share some thoughts with you regarding our current state of affairs viewed through the lens of Kundalini yoga, psychoanalysis, David Deida, and astrology.  If you are not familiar with the current and future planetary positions, please practice drawing up charts on www.Astro.com.

I hope you all have a free account there and are becoming astrologers (if not already!).  While I usually include the charts with the video, this time I have chosen just to speak.  The first section lays out the astrological significators which I then discuss.  I hope you enjoy it.

As I cover quite a bit of material, I will follow up this video with a question and answer webinar (livestreamed to the FB group page) this coming Saturday at 2 PM CST / 3 PM EST.  Feel free to post questions on the NPA Forum from now until then. We will do our best to address your questions there and/or live in the webinar! (Register for the webinar HERE!)

Let's use astrology as our guide to not only making sense of our life events, but to help us understand our neighbors and plan for the future (and future generations, too!).

Thank you again for your interest in learning astrology and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


10 thoughts on “Kaypacha – The Big Picture: March 2018

  1. Thank you Kaypacha. I can’t agree with you more. We’ve been going through a disconnection with our grown children (30s & 40s) for the last 3-5 years. They have never been willing to be “intradependent.” They’ve been completely independent and life hasn’t gone well for them. Then, they’ve been codependent, wanting bailed out financially. We put a stop to it. Now they have no contact with us. I wanted to say too, on a personal level, I’ve been feeling the desire to be separate, have more independence, time to myself, etc., and also feeling like a desire to be connected with my husband and partner of 30 years. So, we’ve already been working on the intradependence. Obviously we’re in the process of balancing it better. Unfortunately, I think many of the younger people may not have this experience. For a lot of them, there is a lot of divorce, separation, children growing up in two households, parents fighting, life being lived at Mach3 with their hair on fire. Basically total chaos, like you said. I think the divorces and children growing up without their Moms around, because every single one has to work a paying job now, has caused us to get to this point. I was listening to the Black Eyed Peas, Where Is The Love? and the line is, “People acting like they ain’t got no Momma.” I was thinking about why that is. Where is the love? Is it because Momma has been working her butt off at work and at home, and the children aren’t being taught like they used to? Something to think about. Looking forward to the talk on Saturday. We are all definitely going through this together.

    • Oh wow…….once again on point Kaypacha and the ability to share and explain in such a deep but simple tone is a gift and I am with so much gratitude for this!!!! Insightful, inspiring and YES YES YES let us make this new paradigm!!! So much love

  2. Thank you, so grateful Kaypacha, for your attention to these matters and sharing with us. I’d like to see some balancing ppps for the various generations in a printout as a quick reference for us to use in our daily lives. I appreciate your advice, and our attention on and in our hearts will be important then. I had an image of the grinch and Dr Seuss says ” his heart grew three sizes that day”, what exactly made his heart do that? When he tried being retributive, and the poverty he inflicted did not stop the arrival of joy, and….Music, singing! Our hearts’ capacity is much greater than we have been using, just as with our mind. As Google is good at drawing our desire for more information, we need a companion to excite us to expand our hearts. I have some more ideas. And with these next generations growing up with all the technology, some misuse of it, I’m concerned about their missing out on some basic developments that we (I’m 52) had, in addition to the Lacan concept of broken rings you bring up. Brainstorm? Animals are very good at bonding and opening the heart, esp for hardened hearts or those that are hard to reach. Music, there are a lot of resources. Grateful to be here with you and participate. Thank you, Mary Law

  3. I can’t thank you enough for putting this info into words. I feel this mission deeply and was very emotionally effected by certain parts of what you shared. I have been married 17 yrs through better and worse. A young single mom, to a son, before getting married, who is now 24. Mother to two home schooled kids in their preteens. Mother to a three yr old who is on the autism spectrum. And, now in the 8th month of a very unexpected pregnancy at almost 42! During this pregnancy, I have come to the realization that mothering and finding this balance within my marriage are both my life’s work, and want to fully embrace both as well as taking on a helpful role in the greater society with this journey of change we are all going through. I have been very aware of the changes happening as I have lots of contact with multiple generations of young people. I have been somewhat bewildered and concerned about where the changes are heading and, as usual, the answer is a healthy balancing. As the pendulum swings the other way we do not want it to go to far. I am very Cancer/Taurus and have many planets in the 11th house. This could be a good set up to help others with keeping perspective nd balance through the chaotic time.
    Love and Gratitude!

  4. Thank you, intense times !! ….. The past few years I have been doing my best to balance these energies in my own life, having denied my own creativity for years, needing to learn to “father” self classic absent father as you mentioned in this video the balance has been off, as well as accept self it’s been an interesting time.

    Having opened up to my creativity I am now sharing that with the world http://www.andyjouan.com with the feel that being my authentic self is the path I have to help others discover themselves – Chiron in Aries/8th House the wound in my identity also coming out and embracing my sexuality, very 8th house.

    Virgo Asc and Sun the past few years have been pretty tough, with Saturn moving through stripping things back to who am I , and Jupiter later coming through and expanding my authenticity. Recently having left living in the big city of London and returning to the seaside (Neptune in my 4th) hopefully soon I’ll be able to find a home with land and get back to nature at home as well as being blessed with the beauty around me. Finding balance between the screen and nature and my creativity.

    I’m pretty new to astrology on a regular basis but have had an amazing journey embracing it in my life and sharing it with others as I gain a better understanding of it all. Here to contribute to bringing in beautiful energy going forward. Leapt down the rabbit whole of no return 🙂

  5. Dear Kaypacha and NPA community
    Thank you for offering your insights for this amazing time that we are living in.
    I wonder about everyone ‘s experiences of Jupiter through Scorpio. As it’s retro trip begins I’ve been having insights that I wonder if others would relate to…
    More and more I see how the aspiration to be a “better person” could be distracting from ones real work. I think that the point in becoming whole and enlightened is not to be above it all (like the greys perhaps??) but to allow space for ourselves and those with whom we share our lives to be all that we are, even when we’re doing our meanest Lilith or our most childish Cancer or our demanding Sun or our needy Venus or pontificating Sag!! Whatever, there must be room for it all without being so hard on ourselves and each other.
    For me this realisation is part of Pluto transiting my fourth and Uranus in my seventh., among other things.
    I am completely blown away every day by this magic life and the incredible ways it unfolds the more I am able to bow in reverence and consciously live with intention ~ not my will but thine
    Thank you again Kaypacha . You are truly supportive of this new age and I am so grateful to have connected with your work.
    Zoë Shuttleworth in Western Australia

  6. Just wanted to add that the observation I’ve spoken about above calls for a good measure of Saturn/Capricorn (personal responsibility and integrity). I’m not advocating for us all to indulge ourselves in the extreme. But to be conscious of the various parts of psyche seems to be the path
    Love zoë

  7. Ô my Goodness ! (?) What a Grace I came in & could c/watch you, (Whoo, ouh !! ) a jawdrop moment here… Hmmm , watatatow, my <3 going boum boum BOUM, I need to staY with my feelings dance & sing on it for now then eat…. TY sooooo much , LOVE xox

  8. Thank you Kaypacha! You are awesome! I didn’t know about borromean knot of Jacques Lacan. Merci!!! I am definitively gonna look more into it. And I loved listening to David! I listened several times to what you said, it was really helpful for many reasons (personal and societal). It is interesting you brought up the grays.
    First, about the age of Aquarius, and potential long terms challenges, what are the strengths and qualities of the sign of Aquarius we would need to tape into to counter-balance the madness and psychoses, disconnections from the hearts of future generations? Or would it be qualities to find in the opposite sign Leo?

    I won’t be able to assist live to the all Q&A unfortunately,(certified class on healing today!!), I’ll try to jump in. I have several aspects in my chart coming end of April, those I can see are:
    mars conjuncts my natal mars, in my 12th House in Capricorn, (Asc at 25d capricorn). Pluto (21d) and Saturn (9d) in Capricorn both squares my natal Pluto and natal Saturn in Libra. SN at 11d Aquarius conjuncts my natal SN (1st House), Jupiter conjuncts my natal BML in 20d Scorpio, and… Venus will also oppose my natal Venus who is at 3d Sagittarius(10th House)!! YouHouuu
    It may be a big transition for me this year (family, job, country, love, life direction?). So, I will try to stay grounded and positive as much as I can. Electricity is building up.
    What could happen when Pluto squares the natal Pluto?
    With Love and Gratitude! Namaste

  9. I really have to learn how this community works as I am quite new here.
    I did not know there was another video here before the meeting of an hour ago .
    Somone answered my question about it in the fb group.Thanks for that.
    So as I understand now,if I have a question about a video,it is here I have to put my question.
    Also in the meeting,there is the chat and there is the Q&A and do not know where there to put the question.As I understand now it is in the chat and not in the Q&A?

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