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Kaypacha has more than 40 years of experience as an astrologer and spiritual practitioner. His approach to healing spirit, mind, and body through emotional release and Kundalini yoga utilizes astrology as a healing art.

In addition to personal readings, he brings astrology to everyone through international lectures, experiential workshops, writing and teaching.

He is the author of “The Pele Report”, a weekly astrological YouTube forecast and numerous magazine and online articles. Using yoga, meditation and nature for self-renewal and natural law as his guide, his work brings balance, love, and joy to others and the planet.

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66 thoughts on “Kaypacha

  1. Thank you Kaypacha for radiating your Big Heart throughout this community. I love the new set-up and I am thrilled to be part of it. I am an enthusiastic student and you have been a wonderful teacher!!! I am soooo very proud to be part of this community!!!! All my Love, Britta

  2. I loved the ‘Envision’ talk that you included in the Community videos… I just have one comment to you, Kapacha, that is repeating in my head…..and that is….those statistics that you parrot are the illusive old paradigm stats. We need it to be flipped and flipped fast. Lets awaken to 77 percent feeling their full spirit presence.

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  4. Hi, today I was listening to the pele report, Tom said the magical words I have been waiting for…
    …he told me to send a mail to him if I had some non-profit projects that needed finances…from those in my soulgroup that has got money…I have been following the newparadigm project…it is right after my visions…all of it…and every astrological report is like confirming what spirit tells me at the same time…so happy for those reports…thank you…
    For my whole life I have been working towards these days…and now they’re here…and in december i got the message from spirit to GO…I have been writing letters for people in Norway that may could sponsor this project, and made a website for it…the wbsite is still only in Norwegian, but will come in english very soon (untill then may google can help)…some weeks ago spirit told me to go worldwide to look for a sponsor…I know there are such ones in my group…but I didn’t know where to look, so I just waited…and today Tom said the words I have been waiting for…
    I want to be linked up on his website if possible:

    …may all your steps be guides by the cosmic coordinators…for the greatest good of all…


    with love
    to All There Is

    …do you want food from heaven…from my recipies?
    Look here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mat-for-livet/455779781108767?re
    …and here: https://matforlivet.wordpress.com/

    …some handcraft and wool…from Paula’s Design?
    Look here: https://epla.no/shops/paulasdesign/

    …or some information about new energy?
    Look here: https://www.paulashjertebarn.com

    …or meditations?
    Look here: https://www.youtube.com/PaulasHjertebarn

  5. Hello kind sir, thank you for your insights on the planets and their energies. I made offer ro make you jewelry – you accepted but I was never able to get an address as to where to send to.

    Your most recent Pele Report mentioned sharing charitable type links. My calling in this world is animals, I’ve dedicated the rest of my life to them. My rescue is different in that there are no adoption fees. Check us out. Thank you – so much love.

  6. hello dear Kayapacha! Thank you for the wonderful Pele reports ! I am a complete newbie in astrology and they have been very insirational. I d like to learn some things about the partial solar eclipse on the 13th of September this year and how could this affect a wedding at that date. I am thinking to get married on that date and wonder if its a good idea. I m a Scorpio and Saturn will be in that sign then. There is a topic at the forum I ve made but haven’t received any feedback.Could you help? Hope you have a great time and see you soon.

    🙂 Thank you! Namaste Aloha So much love!

  7. Hey Tom

    When are you cominng to Vancouver B C ad what are the details?

    Also please
    …would you be so kind as to find the time for me to have a reading with you when you are here?

    I would love that and to meet you too

    Maria Stefanidis…
    Mom of two..4 and 7 yr old girls

  8. Bammmm World …..YOUR BEAUTIFUL !………You make me ~~> LOVE ~ me ~ even more haha …..Thank you…I am so twisted by people of like minded like you…..I get you wootz…Thank you ! Bless you !…….. Namaste……… Peace out ~~~Jewels

  9. thankyou kapacha for your wonderful pele reports they have helped me so much. how much is it for a chart? love light and many blessings angel

  10. Aloha kayapacha!! Thank you so much for your Pele reports I would really really love to get a reading from you!! I have a lot of questions about my Chiron and I’m wondering how much you charge?
    thank you aloha so much love

  11. Aloha e Tom,
    I love your interpretation of astrology and used to look forward to your pele reports till you started pushing huna yesterday. ..I’m all for a good mantra but huna is not Hawaiian. Anyways just knowing that you care about indigenous people is the only reason why I’d even mention it so you might not further perpetuate the misuse and misrepresentation of our religion, but that ultimate choice to stand in truth and be pono will be up to you. Peace and blessings.
    Me ke aloha,

  12. I have a question more than a comment.
    I was wondering if you knew of a good retreat/spa I could go to to unwind/heal.
    It’s been a very stressful few years and I seriously NEED a vacation..some place where I can go and have the body pampered, have the mind and spirit pampered/healed too.
    Know of anywhere?
    I figured you’d be a good resource for this kind of thing.. 🙂
    I’d love somewhere that had guided meditations along with some yoga, massage, sauna/sweat lodge….

  13. What fires you up? What is it ?!!!… A song !?certain music? A childhood shock that didn’t set with you before you could even know why! It just didn’t feel wright ?!… A relationship that you started?! …but ended up different than what you’re Hope or perceptions believed?! What stopped you!?!…was it the reality of what was around you physically or your own self doubt!? Or both!? What would you have done if what was around you seen what you seen to be possible!?what if everyone seen the beauty that you seen within them that they would never think of?!?was that how you seen every one before you even knew you’re abc’s??? …as I am trying to understand myself… I found astrology !! It’s amazing !!why are you here??? I always felt strongly what I feel today but scared to act upon my belief to stand up for the less privileged beautiful souls that everyone else seemed to pick on…why am I stuck ? Why can’t I stand up for them ?? It’s in my astrology chart!!! Why can’t I yet still believe why I am here??!! I love the diving deep!!!…but yet I don’t believe in what my soul knows I should act upon:-/how do I start??how do you start what you know to be true but your reality shows you are the only one like you??

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  22. Thank you for all you have given . I wish i could learn more of what you share. Your pale report has helped me with peace with myself. Thank you . blesssed be. So mych i wish i could say. And im too poor to afford to find more answers. I know now that my beliefs and inner feelings are not alone. In the mid west America ..ive felt lost

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  29. the work you do is a great great blessing; I know very little about the greater scheme of things and want so much to learn and understand more. Thank you so much for opening up a portal in which I have begun to learn, share and transform ways in which I can begin to grow, heal and expand my awareness. I love listening to you as you tune into the wisdom and knowledge of your most high intelligence.

  30. Aloha Kaypacha, namaste! I don’t know if you read these comments, but anyways, before i begin I want to introduce myself to you by saying that im a 24 year old currently living in Hong Kong and also doing the same thing you do… that which is teaching! I always tune in to your Pele Reports on YouTube and wanted to tell you that you are always ‘spot on’ with the information you provide about the planets positions and their affects on us down here on Earth. How accurate you are always leaves me impressed because i feel you are describing my thoughts and feelings of those specific times with 100% accuracy.

    That accuracy is what gravitated my interest towards your particular understanding of astrology, that which presents itself in the information you receive and transmit. Furthermore, it also helped me realize something more magical and powerful, which is that if your information is so ‘in tune’ with my thoughts and feelings, then it only means that my thoughts and feelings are so ‘in tune’ with the universe, more than i ever realized… And that realization on its own, whether im in a low or high mood, helps me anchor in a place that is peaceful and magical… And in case that wasn’t enough, it becomes a full circle by showing me your information is ‘in tune’ with the universe and being transmitted accurately through you.

    There are many astrologers who are presented with the same information you have, but since we are Human it tends to be understood and taught to others in slightly different ways each time. Im forever appreciative of your wisdom and the information you specifically provide. Some of us are so busy engaging in the game, specially in places like here in Hong Kong, where the game or ‘Matrix’ is the only thing people know. We need more teachers like you who have done their homework to teach those of us that have no time to discover and learn about astrology and mythology. I want to thank you so much and say that you are the one and only MVP forever. Much love~

    • Beloved Metaphysicat

      I don’t anything about Kaypacha, but was browsing through this page when I came across your letter to him.

      You are so lucid and coherent. You have such a deep beautiful understanding of the universe.

      This fills my heart with great joy and appreciation for you.

      In divine friendship
      Lady Shamla Rose

  31. Greetings, I am very interested in getting a personal reading. How do I continue with the process? Thanks for your time. Many blessings, Shelly♒

  32. Hi I am very interessed im having a horoscope reading for me and may be my daugter ..By Tom Lesher
    How much does it cost ?Please respond !Thank you very very much
    Love from

  33. Kaypacha is an incredible inspiration to me
    This is August 4 2016- just listened to the peel report – as soon as it finished and “singing and play ” was encouraged a song immediately came to my mind –Gary Wrights ” my love is alive ” -this song was always a favourite but I now ” hear ” it with new ears !!! Kaypacha if you see this message please listen loudly to this inspiring piece !!!! Love you and all you do for the world and its upliftment !!!!

  34. Dear Kaypacha,

    I am happy to be in the same country with you..I love this coincidence and I am feeling so grateful to you&me and people like you..we are feeling, sensing, sharing beautiful things with love..which plants lots of good seeds for the future…Let God be with us and walk with love in our path…Namaste

  35. yes swell quantum kiss my coast gap glue – proving or probing itself from andy warhola -watts in a name- to wormhole w u n brand. r u guys reading or. hearing my memo or sum sing? ..wrote down your entire Sept 14 word fall. .a day before. or simultaneous – to the entire sonata. ..r u mayan gap oc too?raining cats n dogs lately right through hara. like my whiskers turned into some kind of woofercraft ventilator

  36. Xtrordinary quantum gap glue – proving or probing itself. from andy warhola -watts in a name- to some aqua streaming wormhole w u n brand. remarkable. .r u guys reading or. hearing my memos or sum sing? ..wrote down ur entire Sept 14 word fall. .a day before. or maybe simultaneously – literally to the entire sonata. ..r u mayan gap oc too?raining cats n dogs lately right through maya hara. like my whiskers turned into some kind of woofercraft like an ethereal ventilator under wings of swinx..bits..scary haha.. but entertainingly caressing for sure . thxxx for all ur lovely vibrations. signing off..zoom out ~ pyra meets lepus X. have a swell hiphop moon dear man ~ xon <3

  37. Dear kaypacha
    I have just download your webinar on the astrology. It is opning my eyes to a new
    Life. I am trying to get the money together so I can learn more I would like to get the € 15 a month pick. Can you send me a email on how I can get in tuch with you all. So much love xxx

  38. currently listenin to – the house of bamboo – the gaps at the tracktor, sticks&bricks..scarabi rabbittrack for cartoons n tractorbrands..its all so..spectral..anomaly .. dis-e-solving linda lovespace. .dis )( donc or don’t … quantum spiel humble tumbler ~ dont put the kinetic clay in the kiln ~ cat.com Wheel Tractor-Scrapers. Wheel Tractor- Scrapers … lol X

  39. Just want to tell you that I deeply admire your loving heart and compassionate intelligence. If it’s possible to love someone this much from a distance, then, my brother, consider yourself ABUNDANTLY LOVED !

  40. Hi there,I log on to your blogs named “Kaypacha | The New Paradigm Astrology Cooperative” regularly.Your writing style is witty, keep up the good work! And you can look our website about free ip proxy.

  41. Hey Kaypacha! Love your Pele reports, will you be doing one (yester)/to-day? It’s the highlight of my Wednesdays!

  42. Dear Kaypacha, I simply love you and the pele reports are amazing!!thank you for existing! Why don t you organize an event here in italy, in Rome where I live, we need so much uplifting divine healing energy. Lately is so heavy here we really need some light!! Welcome please let s do.something!!!

  43. Hello, Kaypacha 🙂
    Thank you for very good reports 🙂 but,
    what amazes me. Is there really no one who thinks the universe and the cosmos as two different constituents? Cosmos “the reality”, universe the illusioned?
    The humanity is at a very special time. The first time it happens in man’s illusioned story ever.

  44. Kaypacha Aloha ✌🏾🌈🌌
    I’d love a personalised chart reading via Skype, or email 🌠🙏🏽
    I’ve always naturally delved into my own astrology without studying as such or seeing an astrologer.
    You’re my pick 🙌🏾😇
    Happy to wait a year if that’s your next availability, though with serendipitous cosmic influence I’m trusting space may open up sooner ✌🏾🌎👣
    Peace, Love & Sunshine ☀️

  45. You should distance yourself from Anouck Sophia .She has come to my country (Ireland) and almost broke up my marriage .Marriage and family in my mind is the most spirtual union of all and I cant understand how you would stand over someone who’s message seems to be ,make a connection with whoever you like ,scared love ,sacred sexuality it dosen’t seem to matter to her if these people are married or if they have children or not .She seems to think that she is some sort of higher being or choosen one and that her actions will not be judged !!! She charges HUDGE money to take prople around sacred sights in MY country !!! No one should be making money out of these sights ,their history and beauty are there for people to discover for free .Spirtuality starts from within and it should start from your conscience .We all know right from wrong and starting a relationship with a married man with 4 beautiful children and a loving and loyal wife , under the umbrella of ” Spirtuality ” is wrong .Please do a little more research on the people you get to join you on your tours .

  46. Hello Kaypacha,
    Just wanted to say “hello” from Spokane. Saw your recent report from the Pacific Northwest and it made me happy to see you so close to our part of the world. I’ve seen you in videos you’ve made all over the world, and now you are “nearby” haha Blessings to you and thank you for sharing your knowledge to so many people – to my benefit.

  47. Hey Kaypacha!

    I would like to ask if you see that all the planets are in the right side of galactic plane. Is this real ou fake?

    If real, you have a comment for it?

    Good Work, man! Nice vibe! I am a real fan of you!

  48. Kaypacha! We love you man. We’ve got your back just like you have ours. I for one would be sad if you stopped doing Pele Reports. You are a Warrior of the Light brotha!! Keep it real, you got this. I really appreciate you and your authenticity. And your willingness to be real. Thank you man.

    Little Raven

  49. Aloha Kapacha🌋
    It is my pleasure to connect with such a wise man,that has an astrological perspective on how the universe is working…
    I have enjoyed living on The Big Island of Hawaii for 20 years and want to invite you to come and stay at my International Fun Club Headquarters to do a presentation for the South Kona Community! There are many in tune with the Cosmos highly creative people here in Ancient Lemuria out here on the Hawaiian 🌴 islands and we would love your company and some kind of a workshop that you can teach us!
    Please connect with me as soon as you can and let me know if your up for a trip for Hawaii to do some work and have a whole lot of FUN…!

  50. Help Kaypacha! I paid for a membership but every time I follow the link to register I can not. I tried going to “log in” and then register and I get the same message. It’s like the system won’t accept new registrations. I’ve tried emailing the support several times with no responses. Checked junk and trash in case I missed it. How can I register for my subscription? Buttercuplover23@gmail.com from 9/26/2018. The universe won’t let me in!! 😉 🐳 Mahalo! Ann

  51. Wow! hate to say it but I just found this page haha! Thanks for all the positive vibes everybody! Hang in there through the rough waters ahead and enjoy the ride while expanding your horizons! So Much Love!

  52. To: Kaypacha
    From: Michael Lightfoot
    Re: Feb 20, 2019 Pele Report
    Can you ask your astrology teacher /Mentor “how does he know about the characteristics and gender switch for the moon’s nodes 4th and 10th house natal chart people”. How does he know this? I will Google and YouTube for articles on the subject. My assumption for his response would be that ancient writings have been uncovered from the past however that could mean we are going way way way back in time so a good initiate always questions – how does he know this to be true? I’d like to thank you 4 telling the truth about almost 20% of our population as a bright light came down and clarified a lot of unanswered questions because of your Pele report. I thank you for that and I’m grateful as now there is an understanding of life and the Energies. It’s so much clearer now. My wife has been more than a handful lightly not only because of her 50-year Chiron return but I looked at her birth chart and the moon’s nodes we’re in the fourth and tenth house

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