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Waning Moon 24º Gemini Sep 17, 2022


〰️ Not all who wander are lost 〰️

The last Quarter Moon in Gemini 24° lands right in the lap of Neptune exactly at 24°00 Pisces. This mutable t-cross between the Sun, the Moon, and Neptune indicates a need to be focused and exert self-discipline even when the veil between the worlds is very thin, and the brain might feel foggy and floating. The compass is off.

However, “Not all who wander are lost.” These are words from a famous passage in the book Lord of the Rings, penned by J.R.R Tolkien, and they describe very well the zeitgeist of this particular moment in time as if certain questions are hanging in the air, unanswered. Still, even if your mind wanders, it does not mean you are entirely lost. There is logic to the madness, and deep inside, the Seeker might sense that before something can truly blossom, another aspect has to fully unfold. There is a deeper flow in life, one that the intuitive can trust fully, and it is founded in truth. It might not seem entirely evident to onlookers, but for the Seeker it is what must be.

The road from A to Z isn’t always obvious, which is helpful to understand now. On the quest for truth, we get little hints and answers, we rarely get the complete picture, and this path comes without guarantee. It relies entirely on honest perception and seeing the true motivations behind one’s actions. Our capacity to spot our most precious illusions and projections of hope is an absolute requirement. With the Sun in critical Virgo, we get some planetary help to see beyond our fears and hopes. Virgo is the art of correct discrimination, and it helps us arrest the Ego as it whips up all kinds of drama and projections. Without this ability, we might get lost in a dream world where we hope for a quick release, just to get incredibly frustrated when it doesn’t arrive the following day.

It doesn’t help much for clarity that the planet of logistics and communication, Mercury, is in its retrograde phase, revisiting old relations and trying to figure out the path ahead.

With these highflying, dreamy vibes cooking, it can be hard to keep track of mundane affairs. Dropping out from communication, withdrawing into the bubble of peace, and not keeping track of details can cause you to forget even the most ridiculous things, like going grocery shopping and leaving the food you bought in the store because you had a phone call from someone you love while you were picking out which apples to purchase. The temptation to water out one’s focus is ever present. Mundane affairs can be so boring, and right now, you are yearning for a bit of that cosmic bliss, the ecstasy of love.

Being or doing? That is the real question. The Ego has limited control, and it might be evident if we try to push an agenda right now that is not in alignment with truth. The better option would be to find the flow state and release any attachments to the outcome. Surrender is the keyword. When you don’t have any answers, it is what is required at the moment to achieve peace. Life sometimes is what it is.

If we manage to discipline our minds into accepting that certain aspects of life are still uncertain, but there is no need to worry, trusting our vision and honest intuition, fears leave the inner house. And if we manage to discipline our focus to do just one thing at a time, saying no to temptations and distractions, we might not forget the small things in life. Stay present. Zen up. And set aside some time to roam freely in the astral world. The doors of perception are now open. Use this opportunity to see beyond hopes and enter into the realm of truth.

Truth is a safe path. It leads us to love, and a life lived in love is a life beyond karma.

Sol W Jonassen

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