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Last Quarter Moon at 08º Taurus July 31, 2021

by Sol W Jonassen

〰️ Quantum Leaps 〰️

The future and the past are having a one-on-one this week as both Saturn and Uranus are in the spotlight, both aiming to win. This battle of astrological giants can cause you to take bold steps toward a healthier version of yourself while leaving certain stories behind. You are not what others define you to be. You are who you realize you are. Another quantum leap in the right direction is here.

As the lunar cycle is closing up, the planets have been shifting pace. The more cerebral and pragmatic qualities of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius and Mars and Venus in Virgo are helping us ground our vision and actually get things done. The mind aims for practical solutions to create a better way of living as both the Sun and Mercury are opposing Saturn at the beginning of this lunar phase.

The solution might be right in front of our eyes, and putting one foot in front of the other would be just the kind of advice Saturn would suggest. The last quarter Moon is conjunct Uranus, and a deep realization about what needs to change is evident. The path ahead is getting clearer. And the sobriety of the current cosmos is extremely helpful.

The outer planets are opening up the consciousness and making us realize what exactly is going on instead of what we might hope is going on. With a strong Saturn-Uranus period ahead of us, the past and the future are at odds, and some aspects can be hard to let go of, but the presence of Ceres is also in the air, pushing us to let go of that which isn’t sacred and healthy. Her entrance into Gemini and aiming for the North Node at the end of August heralds a period of time where closure is imminent. One chapter is ending. Another one is starting. But before she gets that far, we are clearing out old relationships and examining the health of our relations.

Old scripts pertaining to our deepest inner stories are being healed. Juno will be exact the South Node of the Moon, and our hopes and wishes for love are in focus. The question is: “Are you the one standing in your own way?” What kind of role do you play in any given relationship, and is the power balance between you and others equal?

Juno yearns for equal relationships, someone of a similar vibe, and certain ideas and stories might prevent us from reaching that point, ending up in relationships where there is some sort of inequality in the power balance. Lilith is on the other end, working toward healing the lost part of our psyche. And once regained, making sure we communicate and express those lost parts. To stop the cycles of shame and release those hidden parts of the psyche are the gifts of this week.

At the end of the period, Uranus picks up speed, and stepping out of the consensus means standing in our own individuality. That comes with a price. The feeling of being excluded can trigger vulnerability, but at the same time, realizing that this is what we wanted can be the aloe vera to the burns. Freedom requires self-regulation both when it comes to how we use our time, the emotions that we experience in our everyday life, and the organization of the mental field. When no one else tells us what to do or how to think, we might feel rootless. When someone has left our life, and it was needed, we might feel without grounding. The sense of chaos that Uranus can bring can be scary, but if we keep our eyes on the daily tasks and routines, they will provide grounding this week. Mars and Venus in Virgo are ready to clean out the house, fix the broken pipes, whip up the most deliciously healthy food and do the yoga!

When we upgrade our sense of worth through actual action, through doing what is healthy, the world that surrounds us will respond.

Sol W Jonassen

? Sol will break down this month’s lunar cycle into weekly and daily aspects for students of the New Paradigm School of Astrology. It is a group of folks deeply interested in spreading awareness, healing, and harmony using the powerful medicine of star wisdom.

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