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Soul Map - Personalized Astrology Birthday Book

The Basic book includes over 75 pages of deeply personal soulful information. It is like having a personal journal that one can refer to for years to come! 

In the basic book, she interprets each of the 27 symbols of your birth-chart separate from each other.  (The “Soul Story” and the “Soul Timeline” chapters are not included in the “Basic” Soul Map Book.)

The deluxe book includes a “Soul Story” chapter, which is where she synthesizes all 27 individual symbols of your birth chart to create the “Soul Story" to explain how they all work together as a whole.  The “Soul Story” is essentially a written version of what it would be like to have a live reading where all of the symbols are read as a whole all merged together as one unified energy.  Your "Soul Timeline” is a section which fully explores the most important soul themes of your life including the specific dates these themes are activated.

To discover more about Temples of the Moon and find out how to get your very own personalized Soul Map, click HERE.





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