when there is a crisis there is an evolutionary tool that assists the soul in determining its priorities.  when no crisis you can have everything. then crisis comes and you have to decide.  pay attention to diet, be even more healthy w covid.  So this PRIORITIZING is part of the purging and separating wheat from chaff.  Preparing soil sowing seeds in a healthy place!  Same w out IDEAS, don’t waste your time taking to people who don’t understand you.  Crisis in your relationships.  it helps you but still hard.  pain, crisis, evolutionary aids to help us determine decide the path how we evolve / develop / let go.  THIS TAKES WORK! virgo rolls up its sleeves in a practical way.  goes to work, does exercise, sign of effort.  opposite pisces which is passive, allow, surrender, flow.  Virgo can sometimes lead to masacism beat self up and subconscon sabotage self.  whole generation of Pluto in virgo, whole generation, all about being practical, being doctors, engineers, trying to improve, listening to parents teachers in order to find out what will heal, serve, succeed.  The WORKER BEES.  this who generation had crisis in their past lives.  issues around spirit, god, grace, salvation (this is pisces).  this generation didn’t have an easy time in past life but they have been working at it, are very intelligent (ruled by mercury), so they learned lots of skills.  They HAD TO, wasn’t out of joy or fun, but now a good sailer.  

CONTROL, no-one is going to do it better than me.  They can get caught up in fixing other people (this doesn’t work well).  Or fix self, self-critical.  This can lead to sexual problems, i’m not perfect lover, don’t like to be seen naked.  Worry / anxiety.  

So its best to witness the state of perfection that is already there.  the mystic, yogi, the pisces nirvana, so the pluto is about relaxing that left brain linear logical.  tendency is to overdo it, where ever pluto is is where you can overdo it.  so the crisis pushes you out of the past to evolve in future. 

Neptune was in Virgo, 80 years ago.  Or Neptune in 6th house.  Not an easy fit!  Neptune is spirit flow infinite its all cool love it all you need BUT Virgo says GET A JOB, put down that guitar and do the dishes.  brings health issues, issues w co workers, these people are so sensitive they can’t sleep, they are so conscientious they can’t relax, loose stool issues, skin issues.

One of the functions of neptune is to help us see our illusions so we get rid of them.  sensitivity puts you in contact with the subtle realms.  the nomes, fairy, gazing into the fire and feel the energy.  This can make them a healer.  minute things you have to be astute.