virgo in 4th, may want to perfect parenting

virgo in 5th, creative self expression, the super model, don’t put themselves out there unless really ready.  the conductor in the symphony.  Mastering years of music to be this conductor. 

Virgo in 7th, critical partner, crisis in relationship, through work you can have perfect relationship.  

virgo in 8th, analyzing the taboo, your crime lab person, shaman, investigation, analytical powerful thinkers you can’t pull bullshit over them.  They go boldly into the underworld.  Mercury was the only god that could go down into underworld and then get out.  All the others would go down and get stuck there.  The mysteries of life and death.  Deep people. These people have aquarius rising.  

Virgo on 9th, philosophy, expand ideas, virgo wants to make it real, archeology, combine right brain w left brain, 9th and 3rd, mercury / jupiter.  Its not so intuitive BUT must look at whole chart see where jupiter is.  9th house matters will not be care free, nothing care free about virgo.