Tropical uses signs, as oppose to the constellations (ram/goat) This is the tropical sign of Capricorn – cardinal Brahma the creator go start earth, – we have travelled 10 of 12 signs and there is a lot of karma, history or past 

Saturn as the ruler, time chronos earth, 270 degrees – Saturn is the lord of karma (the scape goat, put the karma on to the goat and put it on the goat and kick it out of town) 

retribution it’s part of the cardinal cross, aires libra cancer and Capricorn cancer to do with emotional security and Capricorn physical and finanaicla security 


duty responsibility commitment persuvaeatacne endurance – key words 

sit in to and feel in to that energy that is step b y step, sober and serious the wise wisdom keeper, reflective 

deeply inner reflective 

cancer is subjective, I am I want I am afraid 

capricorn is objective says no wait hold stop let us look at the big picture lets look at what you have done and how it effects your partner your business and the next 7 generations,