nothing in this world is free of labour 

defensive mode 

so primal about this kind of affection 

she knows what it means to be hungry and she she relate to iguana 

impersonal love , the most personal love 

Moon: parental love, unconditional, rooted in DNA , it is the place where we can feel vulnerable, to be able to receive support, 

4th house: supportive system, tribe 

western culture: you have to be amazing, successful,  the best artist , show no weakness, doens’t really support the cancerian energy, support the firy energy, be creative, make it, manifest your destiny, 

other cultrue: there are some privders, they rely on each other, it doesn’t matter if you , you will never be left out , you are part of the plan. 

moon is our ability to personal lives , the first connection to the first person. that attachment reminds that at least there in one person knowing we are here. 

the moon is the filter what we are taking in. so 2 people are going to experience the grocery stores very differentlu. My moon what we choose to internalise 

how the moon energy is selective who i am attached to , the level of trust in that clan and family is unquestioable, 

challenging moon, challenging fourth house wounded moon, not healthy moon 

patriotism , 

very very protective, don’t get close to a mama bear . because that moon has claws !

Scorpia is the bridge.

Pisces represents the universal womb, from the pisces point of view, the whole human , the animals everyg

carry the Cancerian theme into the transpersonal level . 

Pisces dissolves the differences , no indiviality,  we are here together .  

go beyond the illusion of separation.  it touches you , it moves you . unify , forgiveness 

there is a catch with Pisces, who are you gonna care for ? but there is a limit to the resources and how much we can give,  that is why   12th house moon feel overwhelmed,                take in the suffering of everybody,  you get to the point the spiritual love is not sustainable on practical love. 

Pisces, there is no filter, no boundaries . Neptune is our ability to live beyond time and space. the moon and Neptune balance  each other, we counsellors and astrologers make a distinction  when this one is appropriate. if you only live in Neptunian love 

what is the danger, they have problems with intimacy, Pisces people love everybody, don’t love anyone specifically,  cannot to commit to anyone. build intimacy with someone. 

Neptunian energy can  lead to unconditional love, fall in love with every woman who happens in my environment. 

Nepfree love , part of hippie movement. 

when we try to have one side fits all, the two different expression has its place in a different context. 

Scorpia love;  really sign of marriage