1. Pluto in Libra: has been working on balance, justice, relationship, fairness, equality in relationship. . I want come into balance . it was out of balance in relationship in the past life. 
  2. Pluto in first house: a whole new series of life times , go through a lot of changes with identity. ” Am i my mother’s daughter?” 
  3. South node in Capricorn :  used to action, masculine, straightforward, black and white, shoot for it . came into this female body to deal with emotions, subtle energy, other people’s emotions. not clear
  4. North node in Cancer in 9th house  getting in touch with my need, fear, inner child, feelings , to expand consciousness. 
  5. black moon conjunct South node Capricorn; black moon is powerful goddess  in emotions Capricorn is confrol, suppression, custom, high expectations, dutiful, responsible.  in the past life, she surpressed her own need, emotional desire in order to conform, not to be judged. ( Saturn conjunct Pluto , opposing Moon
  6. Pluto ‘s polarity point ; Aries in 7th house : do the relationship with partner, family in a new way , to take charge, to take control, assert yourself with relationship.
  7. Saturn conjunct Pluto , opposing Moon: there guilt and shame in this aspect. the need to protect, to fight and defend in relationship has been suppressed in order to please people  This life time is about  healing , recovering the sense of dignity. I want to be treated like a Queen ! ( venus in Leo)
  8. Moon in Aries: the worrier, need to protect, fight, defend , making fast decision, the need has been suppressed.( Satrun, Pluto, and South node)  The downside: find a person to to be the warrior.   
  9. this life has a lot to do with patience.(Moon in Aries) Find different ways to communicate, (Sun in virgo) , Ascend is in libra, all air sign and house

10: Uranus transiting in the 7th house Uranus is about liberating , unpredictable events ,  new insights, the aha moment. it is time to meet new people, new relationship. you are going to  continue to have new feelings , new understanding, it going to happen in a instinctive gut way (Aries). you challenge is you should listen to your gut your feelings and not get into judging , not ” you make me feel that way’, but feel the feelings , feelings are not bad or good. you talk about feelings instead of reaction.  it can come to that you  help people to get touch with their feelings. it can right into the sex, i touch this way that way, make me feel powerful. 

11. Jupiter in Leo  transiting in 10th house : receiving honors, recognition , it is time for you to be really be seen by your beauty. you are coming into your true way.

12. Jupiter in Leo  transiting in 11th house: it is time for breaking free, making new friends , international connections. Jupiter is planet of travel,  lettinng go of old friend, make new friend. work needs to be shifted. 

this period of time is good for making new freinds, looking ahead, 

wanting to do something different.  f

my family want me to do the same business. but i want to do different. My father is always putting me down and want me to marry a rich man. 

both come from family in fashion, and  

trust yourself, trust life, 

Saturn transiting 2nd house : Saturn is contraction, form and structure, it is time to reform and restructure you income . it is time to stop making money the way you always made it and start finding new ways to make money. it can be I am breaking away from my family or fashion .  so as your chart is  around relationship. maybe build business 

one way of getting there is I can’t  stand one more day like this 

Saturn in 1st house : very cautious. i need that money, I am feeling insecure. 

Past is libra, afraid of intensity . the life is about 

be patient. build things step by step. do both.  do the same things on week 

Jupiter hitting Asc. Jupiter in Leo  transiting in 10th house will hit , big change will be happening.

a good way to make that smooth is just gradually move in the direction you want to go 

I am ready for the babies. i am going to reply on my partner to support me and stepping into the role of protector. I am stepping the role of making a home , a nest ( Moon squaring the nodes) moving into my feminine  nature more strongly

you start saving some money for next year. you have a baby . it is not a time to just do business and go along the way you have been 

Transiting Saturn conducting Uranus :  Uranus is the future. Uranus in second house is unsteady, unpredictable . extremely high and low. but inventing new ways , new resources. . Saturn wants to constructer a new future, it may involving saving some money. make a baby account. make goals, make new goals. 

a whole stream of lifeforce 

you can take on too much responsibility and feel very burden. ( south node Capricorn ) life is way bigger than you . there is a lot more going on that you know.