what is real practical strategy that is going to make sense for the energy playing out right now? 

in this life time:  who is able open up to the moment with beginner’s eyes. the temple of Aries, decisive moment to go  out of the wholeness into one. the whole story about your life is allowing yourself to be the one. 

the rising Aries:  this person has come in to bring out a whole new age. a new dawning, emerging from what was before. something going to be a fresh start. 

Moon on the rising sign Aries, something to do with the sensation of the body. women’ kind theme, cycles, in your past life, you get to renew yourself every single month with rhythms. 

the first house: Chiron, a journey is about collecting a lots of earthy tools, you have to feel this body. accumulating medicine for the body. 

2nd house: musical atar?  child is learning how to speak to get her need met. she ‘s got useful words. she need to be smart and articulate to get her needs met. learning quickly and being chatty. 

3rd house: emotional impact about forming  her own idea . she learned emotional sensitivity could form the way she thinks. the way she thinks is very influenced by the way she feels.  you might not have trust what you are thinking because you are so influenced by what you are feeling.  the evolutionary journey : to navigate the mental body that is so strong influenced by the way you feel in your body. it gives you a lot of wisdom.

4th house Cancer with fortune and Blackmon safe haven home that hold you , you are able to retreat to to creat

in everyone’s chart, there is a point of shame, a point of fear and a point of guilt 

the last 15 years had to do with the “[proving ” story. the “proving “story originated at home 

5th house; Leo on the cusp, no plants, a playful childhood , the backyard is safe enough to play . she got to remember her playful roots, 

6th house, when she moves into her sovereignty , she has themes around . part of her sovereignty story does have to do with relationship.She likes to have people in her life that she can trust. 

pluto ; add the boundaries  , a strong line ensuring her feel 100 trust, 

Saturn in 7th house in Scorpio ;  when she gets into the relationship, she is very serious. she needs trust to be in place, wherever the person has a Scorpio in his chart, that is the place where the person is gonna struggle with the most insecurities. the insecurities is going to set all the boundaries, check all the locks, whatever the box is , the work or the relationship. 

she works hard solo to make sure the 

soul boundary : you won’t enter relationship . once you are in the relationship , you require a deep commitment. 

Uranus in 8th house; special people in intimate space

the generation of truth seekers have blind fall down,

Chiron in first house, north node in Cancer:  you are meant to feel in present moment in stead of losing at the direction.  your heart scan the horizon by feel not what the society is saying about me .

 the blind-fall is designed . you walk toward the arrow you don’t know where it is. and in the process of walking, you get every single experience you need l 

capricorn energy in the chart  : make all the intangible tangible. she wants to create the concrete.

Mercury in Capricorn at the highest place of the chart ; I know it has been proved, I need to keep proving my truth to myself  you feel better to have. a label which says why you know what you know.  there is a fear. Mercury , tell me something, make it real, make it tangible for me 

sun in Aquarius in 1st degree: this is the moment, where you realised the way you live on this planet has nothing to do with tangible legacy, it has something to do with the way that your life impacted everyone you shine your light on.  it has to do with the soul impact. everyone you encountered has been impacted by your presence. you have been working  very hard to prove  that impact with your Capricorn energy. for last 15 years. is it what I am meant to do ? why is it so hard right now to reach the goals. ( Capricorn ) . 

the Pluto on sun is saying what if it is so simple and bigger than you imagined ? 

your are at the turning point . you are releasing the energy of Capricorn. you are releasing the caterpillar  , just eat just eat . you are on that threshold for the last 15yeasrs. you whole life has been taken to this point. 

with Aries on the Ascent , this moment stands alone. you will align yourself with the thread you are meant to align with . 

connection to others ( Saturn in 7th house) .

now it is a matter of valuing that impact. 11th house : the way to value the impact is to ask people for feedback  how they have been impacted by you. what changes have happened in them because your presence . 

North node in cancer : you might not be able to  have a rational understanding unless you completely drop into your feelings. 

South node in Capricorn: seeking a tangible explanation. but the tangible explanation might be available but has to be with emotional body 




4th house