venus in virgo: not feeling worthy, wanting to be persfect, very critical, a partner is a worker, let’s get down dirty, do right , be right. Merury in 7th house, in scorpia. it brings investigation into the taboo.

virgo has body issues, not have perfect body, have hard time getting out of head. 

physical, emotional,  Neptune dosent’ need sex intercouse, non-physical, 

Saturn in 1st house in Taurus ( Financial ) ,  i didn’t get to be a child, with duty, responsibility,  I didn’t want to be Taurua. , 

unconditional self love. , ability to receive my feminine nature,  unconditional self-acceptance , so longing to harmonzie , balance the feminine  and masculine . 

the ability to receive and do , assert,  a strong feminine nature. 

self-love is stutant.  Saturn in Taurus and Venus in Virgo 

new phase conjunction  this soul is breaking free, from the consensus,  i am going to love myself if am rich, i am going to break  free from that. : 

Saturn: serious , sober side, 

Jupiter: lets have an adverntre. , put a damper , a wet blanket on the fire. 

Jupiter in Taurus: teaching what is valuable, , j

Saturn; became an authority.  Jupiter : a teacher, 

How did the world see him?