North node conjunct Mercury , (strikes me very strongly), stellium , conjunct by association. 

from 12th to 5th. 

pluto in 4th house : past life times seeking security, causious , concern, innervated hard shell to protect the soft meat inside, good poker face, what is going on inside, you don’t know what’s going on inside?

pluto in 10th house really seeking growing through social means, attaining social status, wanting control, very dominating energy,

pluto in water, emotional manipulation , feelings of revenge, wanting to be a puppet master needing wanting, controlling, 

Cancer: my feelings, my need, are of huge importance. , 

Pluto in 10th house : if the soul did not learn the right procedure  , no not enough, to get his own social status, beoming his own authority, became matrued, if failed, this life can be feeling left out, pessimistic ,

feelings of outsiders, ( pluto , sun, vernus aquarius , 11th house of south node )

south node in virgo in 11th house : outsider, sober, analysis, serious, don’t get it wrong, very hard time living with herself, 

conjunct Neptune in Virgo, wanting perfection, her expectation ,  is off the chart 

Neptune ruleling lies, their relationship starts with a lie. 

lonely at the top

Pluto in cancer in 10th house : a very emotional need to maintain power and control 

Mercury in Pisces : lying is not always even intentional, a perception of view is what i am experiencing inwardly as reality . the daily reality ( mercury, third house, gemini ) the other world, a lot of confusion.