12 mystery schools/perspectives


modalities/modes and 4 elements

Masc/Yang: Fire and Air

Fem/Yin: Earth and Water



Fire: transforms, illumination, yang/masc. wants to radiate out, getting angry,exercise, sweat, fever

Earth: Fem/Yin, dense, inner, Solid, heavy, it condenses, stays still, is secure and stable, its predictable and stable, what we bump up against outside of ourselves, it creates nature, very 3rd dimensional, tangible, here and now, deals with the 5 physical senses

Air: Masc/Yang, wind, pollen in wind, fertilizes, is a way of communicating, bringing new idea, bringing different things together. Very changeable (esp in Chinese astrology). Very intellectual, upper chakras. Deals w/communication, talking, sharing, thinking, networking, thinking

Water: Fem.Yin. Goes down, seeks lowest level, seeps in, the soft, squishy source of all life. It makes things soft and fertile., we come from the primordial oceans, water is feeling, emotion, inner intuition

Fire and water both have to do w/ intuition: Fire is upward and outward intuition. Water is this inner feeling, hared to articulate but is our gut feelings.

In Shamanic astrology we have upper, middle and lower worlds:

Upper Worlds deal w/upper chakras:

crown, 6th/3rd eye, throat

upper connects us to the imaginative, to that which is above. Its light, its outward

associated w/ Uranus & Neptune: These planets take us up and away, and outward

upper is also fire and air


Middle realm:

heart chakra The balancing factor between the upper and the lower, the center

the sun and Venus

ruled by Jupiter, Saturn and moon’s Nodes

The middle world is the world of the ego, 3rd dimensional, time, space, logic, duality, polarity, where we’re making our desisions and sending the majority of our waking hrs, world of the ego


Lower realm:

Lower chakras: solar plexus, 2nd chakrs, sacral, base root chakra

The underworld

Pluto, Chiron, Lilith…the deep dark shadow nodes