12th house infinite potential. Alpha, omega, ending, beginning – out of which arises the impulse to arrive into 1st house/Aries. I am, I  desire. Impulse emerging out of the ocean. We separate into ego. We exhaust separating desires through the wheel. Initiate, pioneer, start. Desires when judged become suppressed, that is the source of distortion or perversion. Also becomes source of anger and rage. The seed sprouts in the earth, darkness, unconscious. Impulsive, spontaneous, just do it, no fear.  Family, school, society generally curtails, blocks, diverts the impulse. Pluto Mastery – knowing when to turn the water faucet on and of, controlling power.  Aries just spurts out. Aries becomes conscious through action and feedback.  For every action there is a reaction. Aries needs feedback.  Aries wants to start things but doesn’t want to finish or stay. Constant hunt, challenge, headstrong, competition, fast, make impact, initiator, is naturally disruptive energy.  Rules the head, eyes, adrenals, muscles, tendons, testes. War, fighter, speak before I think. South node in Aries, my past life activities. Guard at the gate, protector.  Aries through to Leo are subjective. Moon in Aries hot, fiery emotions.