Normally, the soul’s journey is to move to the Pluto  polarity point. Pluto spends around 18 years in a sign. A lot of people have Chiron opposite Pluto and that means you’re here to heal and to be a healer.  South node is where you have been, it’s the action line, the plot, the job you were doing and where. Pluto is the theme and south node the act.  The moon is your character, it’s your inner child, habits, easier to see in a person. The ruling planet of the south node gives more information about past life.  Exceptions:  Pluto conjunct the North node is an exception to the path of soul’s journey towards Pluto polarity point. Means you have been doing the sign Pluto/north node is in and you’re here another round to keep on working on it and stay in that sign. Another exception is the moon’s nodes squaring a planet it says you’re not just coming from the south node.   A skipped step it comes from a soul that was a little impatient. The planet squaring the nodes is the skipped step. You wanted to jump from south to north without graduating from what you where developing in the past life and the planet squaring wants you to complete the development. It’s important in this this life time to keep on working on the squaring planet, it’s the pivotal point. In past lifetimes you’ve been swinging between south and north, swinging between the qualities of those placements and the key is to focus on the pivot point.