Mercury is externalization of my thoughts and ideas.  retrograde is rebel, revolt, you want to due mercury your own way.  Jupiter retro create my own religion don’t tell me what to believe.  So mercury retro people are not dumb but they are just not interested. they might not care about school and just want to sing. mercury is how we plug into society or not. retrograde merc will assist humanity by having distractions, the phones, etc, all these things are minds are normally busy with may break down on us / give us a curve ball.   so  Merc Ret will disrupt the daily routines.  

merc in cancer, talking about feelings/relationships.  its not easy to put all of our feelings into words (especially for mer in cancer, pisces, and scorpio).  Out of its element.  not a water planet its a air earth planet.  flip side of this?  these are also the people who will help us to find the vocabulary for feelings.  in cancer, they will keep lotta thoughts to themselves and will only share it w people they trust.  these are quiet people. gemini, cancer, leo he considers eternal youth.  cancer merc can live in the past, memory, they repeat things 

moon mercury, he assiciates moon w change, feelings will change.  they will want to immerse themselves, read, and learn, in the feeling realm but this realm flips and there is no right or wrong with feelings we just have them but mercury is very right or wrong, practical, so merc moon not happy bedfellows.  people w afflicted mercury can have bad attitude. merc moon very subjective and so these people can be very illogical.  especially if there is a square, sesquiquadrant, quincunx, can be mentally disturbed people. 

but the trine the sextile quintile, will being in more stability. merc trine is i do find ways to express my feelings, i’m john lennon, writer, poet, 

5th house, these people have pride don’t like criticism.  sun mercury, lion has pride.  don’t wanna be called out in public, i don’t wanna debate with you. off w ur head. the sun can burn. These people, like mars, aries, could be people who don’t always find the most diplomatic tactful soft gentle way of telling you just what they think.