Saturn Neptune lots of depression.  can be also seen in Neptune in 10th, or Saturn in 12th (LR), or aspect.  

Neptune is not linear, logical, you just cannot figure it out.  Neptune, pisces in 12th, if we take it personally we will never trust ourselves again. like “i choose wrong”, I opened believed him/her” can lead to extreme elf doubt.  where you think rug can get pulled out from you again.  paranoia!  Fears, just how fragile we are.  things can change in a flash.  killjoy.  despair and suicide.   Rules suicide.  

These people can also be like chameleons.  Can live false life. 

One of the four agreement of Neptune is don’t take it personally.  you can’t find reason why they left.  The thought axis tries to explain make sense out of spirit/destiny/fate or forces beyond time/space.  its the quantum world not newtonian. No cause and effect.   A neptunian experience of dillillusionment all you can do it open the heart to the experience and feel the feeling and tom calls it a type of evolutionary growth called “Spiritualizing”.  letting the identity you had go, stop the looking for security, neptune shows there is no security except the security of love / the infinite. ”  this too shall pass, it all comes and goes, like seasons, nothing is permanent.  

Tom calls is the cellar (inner world we r not even aware of ourselves).  and that part that we are unconscious of we project. 

We can also have negative illusions “I can’t sing”.   

Through the signs/houses:  It will come into Aries 2024-2038, you could have it in 1st h, or aspect to mars.  In 1st H.  I am NEPTUNE, I am Infinite.  they want to spiritualize the sexual expression.  its also in conflict since no “I” in neptune and mars is about “ME” so can fail when u go for something, can lead to giving up/addictions.  What they have to do it get the “I” out of the equation.  do it for spirit.  Neptune or pisces in first is about getting go of identities.