Challenge is integrating this axis, the planets qualities and insights

Capricorn – Cancer axis (home situation, mon and dad, familylife)
Safety and security, family, our genetic history, our gender selection as part of that genetic followthrough

Capricorn (Saturn – 10th house) stands for (father image – integrity – taking the truth and initiating activity and structures that will contain, support, enforce and bring order and structure according to the truth), is very external. Is objective, detached, out there kind of energy – is animus energy, ambitious, honorable, patience, time, discipline, selfcontrole and working on developing these inner qualities and how they operate. 3rd dimensional time and space. Earthly perspective. Transition from the matriarchy to the patriarchy, masculine feminine energy roles and issues in Capricorn-Cancer axis. Capricorn is resultorientaded and therefor has to do with supression of the inner world, the subjective feelings… it is about objectivity. Government and laws, elder energy, it is not only about me, selfless. Personal self aside in function of what is best for the group. Capricorn is oriented to the persona, and therefor tends to judge, judgemental to self and others, that is why there is a lot hidden and secrets. 

Pluto (scorpio) – underworld (Greek mythology all goddesses thus feminine) emotional, where we have our fixid emotional needs, pluto in the birth chart is like a black hole, can’t get enough… this is what the soul has been desiring, needing wanting… (in relation to the sign and aspects and house). 
There is power in what we know and are familiar with, and there is a sense of powerlessness in what we don’t know and therefore we can’t controle (this is the realm of scorpio). 

The evolutionary force is moving us from the familiar to the unknown and our tendency is to do more Pluto (there where Pluto is). When pluto is aspected in close aspects… Pluto means transformation, Shiva energy (the destroyer). 

Pluto polarity point (PPP) is the opposite sign and house of the natal Pluto, the intention of the soul in this life to evolve beyond the old patterns of attachments and old security patterns. 

Pluto opposite Mars is an angry driven, upset, unbalanced emotional nature, that is frustrated when it doesn’t get it’s way it goes into tantrums, and very strong emotional needs can really come out in big shadow. Big shadow issues can go on with. Strong desires, emotions are tight in to desires. 

Venus conjunct the south node. Venus wants peace, harmony, love, joy, music, endulgent, want to have a lot of money, want to have a good time, wants luxury. In Cancer… homelife is very important, sensual in nature. sexuality and body (mars is the complement of venus).

Venus squares moon, 

Cancer is the most personal, subjective that you gonna get. Cancer in south node, family, a lot about family secrets,is a big baby that wants to be cuddled all the time and wants to stay at home and feel nurtured all the time and not be always available. 

Look at moon in cancer (emotions) and venus in Libra (moon and venus have similar traits)