The sum total of all signs rolled into one. 

Neptune – ether/multidimensional/foggy/ escapism/illusions/delusions

two realities that shouldn’t co-exist – everything goes

No limits to what they are willing to give – naivety, innocence, trauma, victimization

Pisces can rule addictions, longing to return to source, self-delusion, 

Mars in Pisces – can have a savior complex, then abandon them, secrets, deep dark corners

Surrendering all separation; hard time distinguishing what is going inside versus outside of them, confusion; 

north node in pisces is about surrender to divine, healing, helping

They need to learn boundaries and support themselves

Ashram, church, meditation, quiet hidden places, subtle realms

Moon in Pisces – I’m comfortable with chaos, mom was alcoholic/addict, rules lies, deception, secrets.

venus in pisces – sacred sexuality, deep respect between people, my body is a temple,  your body is a temple, only want to be penetrated when it is all aligned – super psychic and sensitive.

Ceremonialize sex OR wild, chaotic sexual encounters, crazy

Monastic Vows or celibacy

Very psychically sensitive, weak immune system, 

Mars: union of passions – to ascend and descend; oscillating between highest high and lowest low.