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-Aries/1st House had to initiate action and experience in order for self-discovery to occur

-Taurus/2nd House: Have withdrew to discover own internal values and needs


Basics : Kaypacha:


12= 3×4

modalities x elements

Polarity M/Yang/Creative



Cardinal/Brahma: Creative, outward going initiative. Start, begin, create

Fixed/Vishnu: Maintain it, sustain it, keep it going as is, no need to change it, deepen it, go inward, really make it fixed

Mutable/Shiva: Destroyer/mutator, wipe this out so something new can come in, change, demolish old and change into something new in a mutating wave  (power and form mutate). Destruction and change don’t have to be violent can be gentle and gradual, can be a very gentle, peaceful process of growth and improvement and expansion through growth and expansion (Shiva is not just the destroyer but also a creator god so there is the new creation that comes out of the mutation as well). In astrology there is no death, just the transformation from one state of existence to another

Evolution is this force of creating, holding something up and destroying. Seen in passage of year/life cycle of plants (plant rises up, firms up, buds, blossoms and dies and lets go in Fall, seeds come out and give rise to next cycle of flowers. Astro=Nature study


Fire & air are masculine

earth and water: are feminine

Fire: Rises up, burns, transforms, changes and leaves ashes or other residue, get fired up, dynamic upward outward intuition

Earth: Solid, heavy, condenses, still, stable and secure (as possible on earth), predictable, reliable, tenacious, creates nature, very practical, 3rd dimensional, very real, very here, deals w5 physical senses, yin/fem

Air: Changeable (esp in Chinese astrology), intellectual, upper chakras, having to do with talking, sharing communicating, networking, technology, connecting verbally and intellectually, yang/masc

Water: seeks lowest level, goes down, seeps in, makes soft/squishy and fertile, it is the feeling, emotion, inner intuition, less clear inner gut feeling

4 quadrants:

Jung had the 4 types: Instinct, feeling, thinking, sensation.

1st quadrant in astrology is instinct. Not a lot of consciousness, self-consciousness, self awareness, in 1st quadrant (Houses1-3) s

Shamanic Astrology:



Upper World: deals w/upper chakras: crown chakra, 6th chakra/3rd eye, and throat chakra. Upper: connects us to the upper, outer, imaginative, the inspiration, to


……Everyone has Pisces somewhere. We all have that infinite spiritual connection somewhere. We all have a Neptune (and it probably aspects other planets)


Archetypes similar for signs, houses (in natural horoscope) and planets they rule

Similar archetypes but distinct:

Kaypacha’s play analogy:

-Planet =Light= psycho-spiritual function


Mercury= left brain, analytical thought processes, ie the lower mind

Mars= the will, our urge to penetrate, go forward, our sexual urges, impulses, desires that drive us forward into the world

-Saturn: Contraction, and duty and responsibility, and external authority and judgement suppressing and restricting and denying

-Sign = color/filter (for light/planet). How (psycho-spiritual function is working for u)


Mercury= the way a person thinks, different in each sign



The alpha & omega, beginning and end, mutable, water, infinite change. Right before Spring equinox (in northern hemisphere). The beginning and end which contain infinite potential within it. Rules the crown chaktra. As we open the crown chakra it opens us up to our infinite spiritual self. No form/shape/logic/human type understanding her P is chaos, infinite possibility and potential  w/out form, the dream so many locked into this world and ego will say it doesn’t exist/is because it is invisible. It is wanting to connect with our infinite spiritual self/being. Its total unity.


(2012-2024) Neptune in Pisces. Our immune systems are changing. It’s a very powerful time of us reconnecting, as a species, to the infinite spiritual nature of the human being. Now and always for people w/strong
P/N energy nataly need to be really aware of what is affecting our immune systems, how our menta/psychological/emotional spiritual state affects our immune system. That’s why pt of kundalini yoga is strengthening the auric/magnetic field

When we are born we are separate, alone (@ least in a physical sense) and thus all feel this sense of longing/abandonment/separation/isolation can lead to a sense of emptiness if we are not in touch w/ the invisible search/will, creative forces of the universe, infinite intelligence, god, source (though prayer, meditation, etc.). When we are too much in ego/self there is a longing to sleep and dream and reconnect to infinite source so P has to do w/ addiction. All addictions are away of filling that sense of emptiness, longing we all have to really feel connected/united w/ all that is (not just individuals, all that is).

There are soc acceptable addictions (work, books, movies, iphones, internet, sometimes relationships, sex?) and unhealthy addictions (drugs). We all have some sort of addictions. Better to keep balanced (moderation), the middle way. Addictions give us that sense of connection, moderation is best with the healthier forms of addiction but there are also unhealthy addictions.

People w/strong Pisces/12th house (lots of planets there), or Neptune strong (conj Sun/Moon, AC/MC/in stellium) then will have tendendcy to want to escape this mundane overly physical, overly mental/emotional reality and return/reconnect to infinite source). This can manifiest in addictions that are healthy for our bodies (yoga, exercise, astrology) or not so helathy addictions (obsessions with work/$, stalking, drugs). Some of which are best not to do at all, others can be done in moderation, otherwise they break down your body and your sense of self.

We have and need our egos. The idea of getting rid of your ego is like suicide. Anyone who has done anything has a big ego. Ego is the control tower for this physical body. It maintains our health and is very Virgo/Capricorn (Taurus?). It is this earth, air aspect of ourself (which keeps us healthy and vibrant and eating well and excercising and channels the spiritual energy from the infinite cosmic potential onto planet earth/3d physical reality, our relationships, etc.

But in P there is no ego/self/me…that comes later. P=our infinite spiritual self; no walls/boundaries. Thus can be pretty scary and dangerous. Its where we get into victimization and martyrdom. Chris was a martyr. Now we can say goodbye to martyrdom and victimization. We don’t have to suffer/die/be egoless/ go through victimization and pain and punishment in order to be spiritual and connect with our infinite potential. That was more the old age (of P). We are moving out of that now

But w/ a lot of planets (etc.) in P there is a tendency to not be in your body/your ego, and just go w/the flow, be overly selfless, let others take advantage of you, you can forget about the self/your mortality/your ego


You can forget about yourself/your ego, not be in your body, etc. That’s why classical astrology calls 12th house the house of undoing, because there is no sense of individual self there (we’re all one, everything is infinite). Archetype also deals w/illusion. The Rose colored glasses. If we go too far in forgetting about the ego/self/my and go too far in egolessnes, have a strong Pisces archetype can have a weak immune system, w/out lots of walls/boundaries, shouldn’t do more than half doses of drugs, alcohol, etc.

Neptune/Pisces/12th also deal with illusion

Strong P = weak immune system/boundaries. ½ doses


+ aspects of Pisces are illumination, infinite love, creativity, the mystic, in touch w/esp. Its the healer/medium/psychic, feels intuition, atunement to the subtle energy.

But lacks bounaries, walls etc.

You do yoga then meditate. It strengthens the magnetic field and aura

Its the interface between self and the universe


P is no boundries/ego, the interface between self and the universe so + = music, dance, art, inspiration. (Neptune, Uranus in Shamanic astrology=upper/celestial world). Feeling connected, inspired. That connection gives you the art, you know it inwardly.. When you come in w/that creative inspiration it comes from P/collective intelligence (brain is largely an antanae to tap into that collective unconscious)

John Lennon had Mercury/Neptune conj. Our brain is like an attena, connects to collective unconscious. You don’t have same boundries/ walls of separation. + you can be creative, artistic, have an open loving heart. Downside you can forget about self, body be victimized, overly compassionate to the point of exerting any boundaries, rules or restrictions or feel so disillusioned that you are so dissillusioned w/the harsh aspects of 3rd dimensional reality you escape through drugs and give up on life.



P is no boundries/ego, the interface between self and the universe so

When you come in w/that P energy you don’t have the same kind of walls and boundaries others do. The + side is that you can be creative, artistic, beautiful open big loving heart but downside is you can forget about yourself, your body, be an innocent taken advantage of because you are so compassionate and devoted that you don’t put out any boundaries, rules, laws and restrictions. Or feel so disillusioned w/ the harsh 3d reality you give up on life and succumb to addictions, etc.


We all have each sign/planet somewhere. Planets in particular houses and usually aspecting other planets.Angular/cardinal (1/4/7/10) houses esp important. + planets transit

P dream ends w/ Aries:


Masc, Cardinal, fire, Mars, 1st

Aries/Libra axis: (Aries extreme imbalance is selfish, narcissistic, its all about me (and it is the 1st house is me). My identity who I am is 1st house and Aries energy. If this is strong can be a hunter/conqueror who is going to take, to initiate. Its about winning and can be about competition.

Always encourage those with strong Aries/Mars/1st house energy to attach their will/desire/Mars energy to something that cannot be accomplished in this lifetime. Take your individual will and attach it to/hook it on to a collective need/will. Because this is the other side of Aries, Aries is also the guard @ the gate, the protector. A very strong, positive, good use of this energy is to protect those who can’t protect themselves, etc. It can work towards doing something for others they can’t do for themselves. Also if Aries doesn’t have a larger will, or cause to fight for, they will simply fight for themselves. (thats where violence and danger and probably also karma can come in) and then you will be very narcissistic, selfish, I centered, and to hell with others. Aries can get too lost in self So your self centered impulsive, instinctive nature needs to be balanced by a sense of cooperation, compromise, listening.

Aries acts, Libra listens.

Libra is balancing the scale between myself and the other.

Libra is the other (the spouse, the business partner) its taking into account the other. Libra is ruled by Venus and takes into consideration that there is somebody out there besides yourself.

*** Addd Aries info notes

(impulsive, instinctual, unconscious, desire, sexual, anger)

Mars has to do with the natural impulse/instinct. Aries can be very impulsive and unaware of other people outside of intself

Aries most instinctual

Mars/Aries can be anger but not by itself. If you combine Mars with Saturn (saturn: -Saturn: Contraction, and duty and responsibility, and external authority and judgement suppressing and restricting and denying that (Aries) natural impulse and desire, natural instinctive impulse that’s when you get anger…so its Mars+Saturn=anger. Mars does not have to be anger….if we were all fully integrated natural beings Mars would simply be our desire to begin, to start, to change, to initiate something that has not been before or that we need in our lives. When you connect these 2 archetypes” Mars/Saturn, or Aries/Capricorn, or Saturn in the 1st house

The cardinal fire of Aries gives way to fixed earth Taurus . If Aries is the hunter Taurus is the beast. Aries brings down the antelope and Taurus loves and enjoys the taste of fresh meat. Aries (the knight on the white horse) saves the damsel and they come into Taurus where they enjoy each other’s presence and physical bodies.


fem, fixed earth, Venus, 2nd

Vishnu/fixed: sustain, maintain, endure, persevere, whole, get your shit together. Taurus is the 5 physical senses, primarily touch, but also taste, smell, they slow down take their time, hearing and seeing. Ruled by Venus/Aphrodite/the standard of beauty. Taurus is self sufficiency. Got my shit together/take care of myself/I don’t need you/this or that…I will find my own talents, my own resources, my own capacity. I am it. I gather/receive (feminine sign). T=earthly, physical, feminine, self. We all have a 2nd house/Taurus/Venus. People w/a strong archetype on this aspect are very physical and very self sufficient…they can like their $ and physical, sensual pleasuring. If you put Mars in Taurus you have like a nonstop, constant sexual desire.

whatever you put in Taurus is constant

If anything can get stuck in a rut. It is also physical…It is also earth (its physical/ When you mix sex with bodies taurus in particular is they physical aspect of sex, some might call hedonism or judge as profane sexuality (v sacred sexuality).

In tarot the devil card has to do with seeing matter as all their is (materialism)

So their can be the quality of being just physical, just sexual for Taurus (Gemini also pretty instinctual…1st quadrant signs)

Aries most instinctual sign, Taurus 2nd most. Taurus slightly more conscious, has horns connecting it to infinite space while it chews its cud out in the fields. But Taurus can also be like the bull in the china shop and be very self oriented, narcissistic and not take other people into account, other people’s needs/values/concerns…so it needs Scorpio

Taurus/Scorpio axis: Scorpio is the opposite of Taurus physical earth, its water emotion, emotional bonding, union and connection. The negative shadow extreme of Taurus can be very I/me/mine possessive, physical.

Taurus as the castle. We all need a certain amount of self sufficiency, we all need to get our own acts together. We all do need to receive, If Taurus is the castle and has the treasure and goods/culture/commerce/the business/$., and the castle is the center of the kindgom where things are happening and where they’re held and protected, and this is Taurus. The danger is closing the gate to the castle

Scopio is Robin Hood and his Merry men and the forest full of wild animals and things bigger than the castle that can come in and threaten and/or take over the castle…

and in an unhealthy manifestation of that Taurus  energy the gate is closed. It’s masturbation. I don’t need anybody (sexually financially emotionally)..thats’ the downside of Taurus…

Upside is dropping down that gate and letting in change/Scopio/renewal/transformation….and that can balance that out….and your sexual union becomes sacred because it is not just about your orgasm and your two bodies and how good it feels but that you are contacting on all chakras and have eye contact and you’re feeling the other person’s soul and uniting spiritually and it becomes more than just this animal act.

Positive side of Taurus is its the Garden of Eden.

Scorpio is Hell/the battlefield/conflict (on the shadow, extreme)

Taurus, ruled by Aphrodite, wants beauty and peace. Like Ferdinand. Its very content with the simple life. Its self sufficient, takes care of itself and doesn’t need a lot, its satisfied with simplicity, simple beauty. Taurus learns to walk, to eat, to grab things.

Taurus is also the builder.

If Aries is the pioneer, with the wagon trains going out west then Taurus comes along and builds something, establishes

Strength/+ of Taurus: Its the architect . Takes that Aries impulse and forms it into something that’s going to last, and is stable and secure and solid, and will feed us and sustain us for a a length of time…..(like a Jupiter transit….every 12 yrs goes though 2nd house…and you can receive a lot of abundance…you can bring in the $, new talents, or ways to make an income, receiving; let go of old ways of receiving, old talents and develop something new…and don’t blow Jupiter will be in the 2nd house for a yr and give you the nourishment/support/fuel to last the next 10-11 yrs. Its the gas station and there may not be another gas station for a while….of course there are other factors, etc.

Aries wants to make something,

Taurus wants to makes something, establish something, get things together, (2nd house wants to) establish something that’s going to last for a long period of time.

4-5 signs next time? All 12 covered in 1st 3 lectures, then planets.

Read: Inner Sky (covers signs, planets, houses)….aspects (Changing Sky?) Steven Forrest

Jeffrey Wolf Green: Pluto vol. 1 (Evolution of the soul) …K uses his method for Pluto and the nodes…..vol 2 is also awesome….3 books to start with.