150* and 210* quincunxes are different. To figure out if your yod is Virgo (150*) or Scorpio (210*) related, place the slowest moving planet (the teacher) at the ascendant and review the next planet at the 150* point.  The seed began at the conjunction of these two planets which then the faster moving planet (the student) progresses to the 150* point, which becomes a powerful adjustment phase.  The teacher does not want the student to leave, to move on. It becomes an internal power struggle creating a dynamic and doing, saying more than feels good in the body.  We struggle with our sacred no.  It takes another 30* to come to the 180* opposition point of illumination, decision time point, realignment and readjustment.  It can take a lifetime, which can create chronic health issues.  Complaining becomes a feature if you don’t readjust.