Trines/sextiles–more harmonious.

Squares, oppositions, quinconx, semi-squares, sesquiquadrants—more challenging aspects.

Saturn on Ascendent, in First House:

Similarities with sign of Aries, with Mars.

Trines/sextiles to Mars—boss likes me, I get my homework in on time, I move through the ranks, I have good self-control, I work well with authority, I respect convention.

Oppositions/Squares/sesqui/quinconxes–uh no, I keep fighting with mother/father, I want to start a revolution with government.

1st House: Identity. “I am Saturn.” “I am sober, I have integrity.” “I work hard.” “I’m responsible.” “I like control.” “I have firm boundaries.” Things are clear. (Saturn does not like grey area; it’s black or white; no heart to Saturn, it’s the cold, heart facts of life, it’s the law.)

In some ways, they are born responsible. Sense of duty. Often be in offices with responsibility.

Saturn/Mars people get things done, they have will and perseverance.

They can control and discipline their sexuality, their impulses, etc.

They can have challenges relaxing their sexuality (Saturn not intimate; Mars-Saturn wants it hard and long).

44:30 2nd House/Taurus/Venus

Unconditional self-love…and Saturn is laws, rules, traditions…don’t go too well together.

Saturn in 2nd is notorious for money problems, or materialism. I evaluate myself according to my possessions, or according to my appearance—get the Botox, the boob job, the fancy car—the Super-Ego (Saturn) prove myself to myself, maybe to someone else who said I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t beautiful enough.

As they mature, also can be issues with relationships. Saturn says I’m not going to just give my heart away. Cautious. You prove yourself to me before I’m going to love you. All sorts of rules, boundaries and restrictions around love.

These people can end up lonely, a bit sad. Saturn puts a wet blanket on the relationships. Puts all these conditions on money, love, relationships, even on survival. This often has to do with the job.

I told God in my last lifetime I don’t want to be Taurus/Venus…I want to be a space cadet, astronaut, I want to go as fast as the speed of life…and so this life, God….your chart, your unconscious Soul says…Get grounded, Be Here Now, come into your five physical senses, value love, value money, value your body. It takes time, effort, patience, and endurance.

The end result—these people can be financial advisors because they understand how money works. When they get married, they are serious, it’s til death do us part, they are committed.

Saturn is where we are serious, where we are sober, it’s where we can succeed…but it takes time. You’re going have a hard time, but stay with it! You have a social role to fill. (Kaypacha Saturn in Sag—I ended up teaching, never saw myself as a teacher).

Jupiter and Saturn are SOCIAL planets.

Uranus and Neptune rule the Celestial World—no Time/Space.

Chiron and Pluto rule the Underworld—no Time/Space.

Jupiter and Saturn rule the Middle World—of Time and Space and society, and our roles in the world and society. This is where our ego consciousness lives, our 3d ego world. So they play very big roles in our experience of the world. They are where we carry some very powerful lessons and also where we can become exalted and respected.

Capricorns—comedians. They know the ironies, when it comes to satire, just the irony of life, that’s just the way it is, they see things very realistically. It can be sort of a pessimism. But according to them, they are the realists.

Saturn is the Shadow—Liz Greene, she’s a bit too psychological for me, but she sees him as the Shadow, because when Suppressed, can become Shadow. She thinks Saturn is opposite is of all the other planets (Mars is Action, Saturn STOPS it: Venus is love, Saturn inhibits it; The Moon is nurturing, Saturn is cold; Neptune is dreams, Saturn is reality; Jupiter is expansion, Saturn is contraction; take every planet except for maybe Mercury. It’s a POWEFUL MO, bay-bee! Woo! (LOL)

55:43 Gemini/Mercury

Mercury/Gemini, variety, curiosity, change, when the wind blows, I change my mind. Networking, communicating, typing, lower-school experience (Grades 1-12), siblings, brothers/sisters, next door neighbors, immediate environment.

Put Saturn in there—tons of homework, sitting in traffic, going to school.

Controlling your thoughts, your ideas, disciplining your Mercury.

Saturn/Mercury—these are serious people. Deep thinkers. Slow. They did the thesis on THAT, they read 1,000 books on that, it’s gonna take me until I am 75 years old before I write my book because I’m gonna spend my life as an archeologist with a paintbrush uncovering pyramids. (LOL)

Do they start speaking right when they come out of the womb? Quite the opposite. Maybe even academic challenges in early years. Blocks, hindrances, delays. You get this whole thing with Saturn every single time.

You may not persevere: This is where Free Will comes in. So Saturn in 2nd House, you could have permanent financial problems because you didn’t learn your lessons.  In 3rd House–could have permanent communication problems.

Open up the Throat Chakra, move the energy through, because can literally even be sore throats. Of course, with medical astrology, Saturn is perfect for all kinds of medical issues. Mercury has to do with eyes, nervous system, fingers.

I don’t get along with my neighbors, but the older I get, I may very well become some kind of businessman, because 3rd house is commerce and business, Mercury is left brain/linear/logical rational—Saturn is like, oh yeah, let’s do it! Think of an accountant, you want a Saturn/Mercury person to do your books. Might they also kind of be “this world” “third-dimensional”—these people may also be, “oh, God, astrology, gag me with a spoon!”