The mythology: Uranus (Sky) and Gaia (Earth) lay together and it was only when they separated that we had Space and Time and along with Space and Time came  Saturn. Saturn was a Titan, and with other Titans and cyclops, he was locked up in the belly of Gaia by Uranus.

Uranus rules Aquarius, FIXED AIR. Interesting that he rules Change because when Uranus/Aquarius (?) makes up his mind about something, that is IT. It’s not easy to change the mind of an Aquarian.

(I want to check this if I ever share it, but…) Rhea plotted with Saturn and Saturn castrated Uranus and when his testicles fell into the sea, out birthed Aphrodite (Venus), fully born, never was a baby. And Saturn overthrew his father.

He was just as strict and stern as his father. In fact, he ATE his children. Saturn was tricked by his wife (?), given a rock instead of Zeus (Jupiter) and then Jupiter overthrows Saturn.

Successor to Jupiter, in mythology, said to be half human and half god, we associate that with Jesus Christ.

Astronomy: Saturn is the last planet we can see without a telescope. So ancients could see and track and make an ephemerus for Saturn. So he was seen as the boundary, the border of the known human universe.

Now, with the help of technology, we can see beyond Saturn to Uranus (personal unconscious), Neptune (collective unconscious), Pluto (Soul).

So Saturn is boundary of 3D world, where we can use our physical senses to observe the Universe, it’s the world of ego.

Kaypacha associates him with Newtonian physics. Once we move past Saturn, we get into quantum physics. Kaypacha says astrology works in the quantum field, it’s all synchornicity, it’s not cause and effect. The planets aren’t doing anything to us, they are a reflection, as above/so below.

Saturn–consequences–every action has a reaction.

Judgment, polarities (good/bad, right/wrong, free/imprisoned).

External authority. 

JWG—Patriarchy began in 6,500 BC when we were in the sub-age of Capricorn. (Age of Cancer in sub-age of Capricorn). So even though Capricorn is an Earth-sign, feminine, it’s so associated with patriachry, which is male-dominated. Even in old astrology books, 4th House/Cancer was Mom and 10th House/Capricorn was the Dad.

Cancer-Capricorn axis.

“If we balance those six axies, it’s a black hole of Enlightenment”–Kaypacha.

Saturn: You are going to grow up and have a duty, you have a responsibility, to God, to your country, to your family, to your house.

Expectations: Parents have them, our external authorities have them (our employers). External authority is whoever sent you to your room, not gender-specific.

The Consensus stage of evolution is 3/4 of world’s population and it externalizes authority. It’s ruled by Saturn.

However, when you do a chart reading for someone in Individualized Stage of Evolution, Saturn is Internalized. “Thank you, very much, I will be my own Saturn. I know how to go the speed limit, I don’t need an officer to give me a speeding ticket. I know how much I can drink, I’m not going to get a DUI.” (Wow, this relates to my experience with the L). 

So a Saturn transit for that Individualized person is YOU taking more responsibility, starting your own business, advancing your career, etc.

This is INTEGRITY, walking your talk.”I need to make a business, and I MEAN business.” (LMAO) (18:20)

First Six Houses—subjective, personal development.

Second Sixth Houses—external world, we put things out Libra, Scorpio, Sag and then we get to the 10th house/Capricorn/Saturn, the 270 square, highest point in the chart—honors, awards, recognition, people treat you with dignity and become an authority because you EARNED it.

Saturn—Slow, steady, endurance, perseverance. Things that last through time. “Rome was not built in a day” (probably some Capricorn said that, LOL—I checked, John Heywood, born 1497, no known date). (Full quote: “Rome was not built in a day, but it burned in one.”–The dangers of the Aquarian revolution, burning down things that have value. Can’t trash it all! Keep what works, discard the rest, discerment—that’s all me…BLOG fodder)

Capricorn also Establishment, “Stood the test of time.” Leads into Aquarius, which is rebellion, revolution and liberation from those old Established forms.

Also, 10th house is your REPUTATION. How you are seen.

What is in one’s 10th House–the sign—you look up to that Sign (for me, Pisces).

The Ultimate External Authority is God, Allah, whatever you call it. This is beyond the phenomenon of our daily experience.