Virgo mutable earth ruled by Mercury rules the sixth house

The worker, the purifyer, I want to perfect, I want to get it straight, I want order, I’m gonne fix it, I’m gonna analyze it, I’m gonna use my left brain and get it together. I am gonna do my yoga, watch my health, do my excercises, I’m gonna be a personal trainer, I’m gonna be a librarian, an accountant, I’m gonna look at all the details and all the little things and figures, because I want to get it all perfect. I want to be the supermodel and look perfect, I’m going to have the perfect body. I’m going to be the artist, the mechanic where I worked on the space shuttle where everything had to be exactly right. I’m gonna be the nurse, the doctor, the healer. I’m going to fix peoples bodies and psychologies. All about fixing and repairing and improving and perfecting. Let’s change things, it’s a mutable sign. I want to work at things and put effort into it. Virgo works. 

Too much Virgo, controlfreak, getting anxious, getting worried about things, not good enough, overly critical, judgemental, laying guilt trips on others, never satisfied, let me do it, I will do it myself. When it is directed at yourself, self critical, I’m never good enough, victimisation, massochism, I don’t deserve anymore, giving up, give up syndrome,

Suppressed or projected Virgo (everybody is a perpatrator, suppressing my need to selfimprove, leads to victimisation. Feeling like a victim means you are not expressing your shadow 

Not enough Virgo, everything is a mess, house is a mess, your sitting for a screen, your not healthy, not taking care of your health. When you are not doing Virgo and it is not manifested, you are not grounded and you don’t have you’re life or basics in order. The Virgo  Pisces axis is about victimisation and massochism.