Saggitarius mutable fire, ruled by Jupiter, ruler of the ninth house

Sweet, nice, expansive, has emerged from that death in Scorpio, ressurects into Saggitarius to understand the meaning, why I had to go through that experience? 
I want to travel, I want to expand, I want to grow, seek the truth, know the natural law and secrets of the cosmos, be free, be wild, move outside the bounds of my personal ego.

Leo throuhg Scorpio is the individual, the death of the individual is Scorpio and the birth of the transpersonal (going outside I, me, mine) it ressurects in Saggitarius, meaning of life, is common and true for everyone.

I don’t have to seek, to find, to expand, I am the truth, I know the truth. I got it all done and together, my opinion is truth. I had an enlightenment experience and I’m enlightened, I know everything, the know it all, my way is the way, convince, convert or condemn? All about religion, beliefsystems, dogma’s, doctrines, fanaticism. 

Saturn, Lilith, Pluto in the ninth house makes you want to look what beliefs and or religion where handed you down from family and familylines and society (Guilt, old shame, judgements you have about yourself, about the meaning of life, about relationships)
Be aware you don’t put up yourself upon a pedistal, the bad teacher. The dark force that wants everybody to be the same. 
Being judgmental, projecting it all outside feeling judged by everybody may be an indicator that you are maeby being judgemental of others. 

the Latin root of education is to draw forth… it is saying become your own thruth, helping you to remember who you are.