Capricon cardinal earth, ruled by Saturn, ruler of the tenth house

Brahma aspect (cardinal), initiate… go go go and earth, practical, real, financial security, authority
Down to earth, business and succes, my reputation, what I look like,  because I want to succeed in the world. It’s ambitious, it has got a lot of integrity. It is about the law, it is about implementing the rules, books, doctrines, technical manuals, guidelines, managment. The CEO of the corporation, the boss. 
The elder, concerned with the good of all. 

The shadow side of Capricorn
Opposite of Cancer, the child gone wild is all of a sudden the law… my emotional needs are the law, supposed to be mature, but immature it becomes about the needs of the tirant. Emperor Nero, Stalin, abusive authority, the horned goat, the devil in the tarot. Taking personal desires and raising them up to be the law. 
Projecting it on to other people is being too serious, it’s all about results, meeting deadlines, 3rd dimensional reality as all their is, only matter matters, there is no spirit. Going for control and authority and everybody who is not that is a cry baby, toughen up and don’t be lazy.