Dark side, challenges, bad signs

Aries ruled by Mars
Warrior, Ram, Cardinal Fire, intitiation, starting, spring, time to burst forward, assertion, impulsive spontanious desire, no patience, no waiting, raw unencumbered, unmeditated desires ands wants, sex, needs, power, control, being number one, competitive.

Too much aries is narcisistic, demanding, subjective, into your own trip, can’t compromise, don’t want to listen to others.

Too less aries is afraid of confrontation, sheeplike, viction, afraid of making waves, not speaking up for yourself, not spontanious, too much thinking, to little action , frustrated, powerless

Shadow comes from suppressing

Denying desires, denying aries energy in yourself, aries is not supported by the patriarchy (think of Nietzches master and servants)… supressed natural instincts. 
Supression of natural instincts becomes perverted, distorted and becomes the source of anger or rage. Angry at people who assert themselves and become frustrated, overcompensate by more holding it in… all in yourself, 

Passive agressive, all nice and sweet on the outside

Taurus, ruled by Venus, earht sign
Sense of selfworth, need to survive in a physical way, money, resources and possesions, Goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. Sensuous, sexual, material girl (Madonna), survival, taking care of ourselves, taste, touch, physical senses, connection with mother earth, earthly pleasures. 

Too much Taurus
Hedonism, materialism, possesiveness, hedonistich pleasure seeking, split between matter and spirit.

Not enough Taurus
Too little selfrespect, so spiritual, so loving and sweet and light, but can’t pay my rent, powerless, I’m limited, no sense of selfvalue, being looked down on because not having achieved anything.

If you made to feel guilty when you selfpleasure (do things that pleasure yourself), not deserving

Suppressing this need (need to connect through pleasure through the senses with yourself) our own beauty, natural physicalness, angry at  beautiful succesful people, solid secure people. Overcompensate unworthiness by ascetisism, very triggered by criticism.

To less aries,