Squares serve as a pressure point where you have no choice but to make a decision to release the build up of tension felt. Can manifest as a life crisis and the older we get, the bigger the crisis becomes and so are the consequences.

90° square : Big turning point, breaking through, making choices or not, courage or fear, need to express self and come out, assertive, creating my purpose, getting out of my rut, creative tension.

Less than 90° (applying) : the decision hasn’t been made yet. Exploring what happens if. Upward flow : consciousness.

After 90° (separating) : the decision has been made, living with the consequences, karma coming with the separating, incarnating the choice, descending into reality. The decision has an impact on others. What are you going to do with it? Downward flow : action.

270° square : Social pressure that I have to conform to. Need to excarnate. Liberation through individuation. Liberation from what I have inherited that doesn’t serve me. Letting go. Identifying my truth in order to express it. Rebel and revolt that I am not confined and limited by the social environment. Liberation from own internal fears and step into courage to be self. Do I want to step into the unknown? Is this all there is?