the point is you the circle is the spirit.  the sun is not the ego.  consciousness and presence.  mindfulness.  when we are in our sun we are present.  all of our vitality and energy is accessible.   transits to the sun.  especially the outer planets. pluto the soul, uranus the collective consci9uosness, neptune the collective unconsciousness.  transits:  pluto / sun a death resurrection in how i express myself through this physical body on this planet earth through time space.  my soul being focused through that point in the circle.  my earthly self, my self expression, sun, leo in 5th, this creativity. 

The sun is where we are very self-conscious. 

Taurus people know themselves instinctively and know what they are good at. taurus could be seen at self centered, selfish, hoarding. then can help others be more self sufficient.  down side of all fixed signs is refusal to change.  so can are stubborn, get into a run, do same thing over and over.