Uranus:  Embrace change 

Chiron 51 years the Wounded Healer – abuse in some way in previous lifetimes; working to feel good about myself and ask for help.  Chiron in 2nd house will say I am not good enough, negative it will never work.  Chiron folks will be the wall flower, $$ problems, create condition of loss of physical possessions.  The power of the unconscious.  Chiron is the soul path of healing, the journey of the wounded healing, building and become self sufficient, path of healing – what makes me valuable, passionate, what do I like. 10000 hour rule and then self confidence comes and then help others. 

Saturn in Taurus – earth sign Discipline, Time Chronos, boundaries, slow cautious careful 

Saturn in T is Lord Karma Teacher every time you said no in past lifetimes, you are living it out this time.  Get better with age.  See through materialism and come into a deeper place of self love and contentment.  Saturn can be your job, career.. becoming an authority – tantra teacher, a coach, body builder, $$ managers.  Duty, discipline, control, authority. Management.  Taurus is resources

Jupiter expansion future optimism liberal opposite of Saturn.  Expansion of consciousness. Where ever you have Jupiter do that!  I love myself and attract good things and my world expands and opportunities come to me. 

Mars in Taurus – fire planet, I want, I am, let’s go extrovert  / opposite Taurus = later, take it easy.  Slow and steady wins the race. Introvert.  Mars in T careers:   Farmer, gardener, miner, massage – mold move and shape.  Mars is initiate, start go charge  Taurus – I like the stable, slow and status quo. Mars in T is stubborn.. hard to get someone with this is chart to change mind or do something. 

Venus rules Taurus (earth) – dual nature of Venus rules Libra too. Relationships (air) How you feel attracts what comes to you. Venus is personal earthy how the soul connect to the body;  is lower octave of Neptune.  Beauty and allure.

Mercury communication left brain what connects me to the world, practical thinking- writing how to books.  throat chakra. slow 

Mercury in T is a slow deep thinker Interested in tangible results

Moon in T exalted in Taurus – perfect match it is profound and higher the mother energy nurturing holding comforting calm feminine lunar emotional energy in an earth sign goes well together combines emotions with the physical.  Moon in T can be overly physical – spoiling with material wishes, not so much of the heart or love. Introverted not so emotional as the moon.  Results in self sustaining, sufficient, person who doesn’t need to be in relationship to feel comfortable. 

SUN in T – representative of the bull  Taurus on steriods powerful energetic sensuous , reliable, grounded, sustainable. 

South Node in T – Coming from T in past lives.  All qualities of taurus.  

N Node in T T Rising – learning how to love yourself and value your self, get a job and be self sufficient.