Virgo-Pisces Axis is the axis of Initiation.

I want to be perfect because…god, goddess, source, service

They want to fix everything, engineers, intellectual, find the weak links in the chain, efficiency is priority.  Diagnostician.

Guilt – masochist; I’m not good enough, should be punished; 50 shades of grey; want to be tied up or used; Virgo can get off on serving their partners; body issues from not being good enough. challenges with sexuality, self-conscious, coming into this body in the right way – sacred sexuality, tantra, strong and intense nervous system.  

They create crisis to determine their priorities and learn discrimination.

They want to understand their own psyche, they will work on the relationship, ultimately about Source connection when enlightened.  Virgo really enjoys being alone.

Venus in Virgo is about; Resolving guilt around sexuality from external authorities or laws/ not our truth; 

Mars in Virgo – gets stuck in the details

It wants non-judgmental partners who can help it work on itself, wants to be heard, doesn’t want to be made to feel wrong; mutual sense of helpfulness for self other and relationships.

North Node in Virgo – I got to live life on my own terms, stop letting others lead my life.

Sun in Virgo – willful effort; I shine in crisis; accountant, numbers, details, clarity, hardworking; reliable, philanthropists.

Mercury in Virgo – strong in details, processing data, can miss the play, never good enough, always having to do it over again to improve, very cerebral – can get stuck in the mind