When attempting to decipher the needs of the times, it is always helpful to consider the context of short-term developments within the larger cycles of evolution. Like the second-hand on the clock, we must note where the minute and hour hand are pointing to accurately tell the time. Astrologically, we know that we are emerging out of 6500 years of male dominated, hierarchical, socio-cultural religious conditioning and beginning a new paradigm of understanding ourselves through re-balancing and integrating our masculine/feminine energies. This is reflected in the changing norms around relationship and sexuality, as well as the social and religious institutions and leadership. Within this cycle we are also now emerging out of the 2000-year Piscean Age into the Age of Aquarius, a time of awakening from dreams and illusions to open third-eye clarity and all that entails.

Narrowing the scope even further, we are in the process of dying to old forms and structures of external laws and institutions necessitating each of us taking more and more responsibility for the reality in which we live (and have created). Pluto moving through Capricorn (2008-2023) for the first time since the US was born (1776), can be likened to Shiva visiting our “manmade laws,” to examine/test which are in or out of alignment with “natural law,” and ultimately, Spirit, Source, or God/dess. Within these co-existing evolutionary changes, we have all been experiencing Uranus in square to Pluto since 2012, awakening us to our own personal power and unique identities which challenge the status quo.

Now, since September of this year, as Jupiter rose from 6 years of inner, personal preparation and development into the social/relationship sign of Libra, we will have all planets but Uranus (excluding the Moon) in the social/transpersonal/cosmic signs (Libra-Pisces) until January 28, 2017 when Mars transits into Aries. This indicates a period of time when “others” thoughts, words, and deeds impact us and require a response. We are being called out of our personal “bubbles” by disturbances, both exciting and challenging, and into action! Much of the outcome on a personal level will be determined by just how much inner work we have been doing over the course of the last six years (and six lifetimes!).

While the manifestation of these soul energies will be felt differently by each of us according to our soul blueprint, and where the Jupiter/Uranus/Pluto T-square falls in our birthchart, there is a shift of energy that we will all be feeling collectively. Pluto rules the root chakra kundalini energy, Uranus, the central nervous system, and Jupiter is the force of fertility and expansion of consciousness. With these three coming into dynamic alignment, we can expect a surge of energy pulsing within our own individual organisms as well as the collective consciousness. Lightning bolt flashes of insight into our true nature and the nature of all reality are possible, many being triggered by our interaction with others, particularly around December 10, 18, and 29, January 6 and 12 and continuing thru September 2017.

For those who are familiar with, welcome, or have been seeking this great awakening, some long sought dreams can become reality! This comes with a cautionary note that the power of any explosive alchemical change requires a strong and vigilant, conscious container lest it be overwhelmed, damaged, or destroyed. That is exactly the situation that we will find ourselves in these coming months as we see some of our own and others' lives blossom into magnificent displays of creative enterprise while others break, crumble, and die seeking a future resurrection in a new form/container/body.

What makes this time period perplexing is that it will, by many accounts, appear as if we, as individuals, have no control over the events of our lives. We will observe the external landscape, in the form of our partners (both business and personal), society, the government, the economy, (Libra also signifies “open enemies”) and all things exterior changing before our eyes, disrupting our reality, and possibly causing states of confusion and chaos. It will become more imperative for those who do remain centered and healthy to assist and support the larger percentage of the population that is overwhelmed, confused, and hurt, yet does not have the faculties to perceive the spiritual evolutionary intention behind the external events. Through this process, we will all come to know ourselves and our limitations, what we are able to change and what we cannot. For the rescuer can lose as much as the victim when misguided by their own delusions.

It is at times like this that it is helpful to remember that seldom is a birth without pain, and creation, whether it is the big bang or the sperm breaking the egg is a violent act (in the third dimension). As co-creators with Source, it is truly a time to stand in a place of love; to deepen our connection to the divine feminine both within and without, that remains soft, receptive, and open while all reason and logic may say pack it up and get out! A time to practice loving in its highest expression. For it is the open heart that is going to create the new paradigm that so many are now envisioning, and a key lesson here is to learn that no one, not even you, is going there alone. Aquarius is all about unity within community so let’s all get out there and make it happen!



3 thoughts on “Looking Ahead: An Astrological View of Fall -> Winter 2016

  1. What an exciting conclusion to the year of purification 2016. Ready or not – here it comes. Really like the sentence: For the rescuer can lose as much as the victim when misguided by their own delusions.

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