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I need to repack the trunk of this car,
Before I continue this trip.
For there are some things,
I need to review,
And some I can no longer take with.


Indeed, this is a strange week where you may feel the pull between wanting to get on with it and wanting to get out of it (at the same time)! It is very wonky wonky, bipolar energy, extreme in some cases, that pulls us in opposite directions simultaneously.

The key here, as I mention in the report, is that yes, it is time to start, to go, and move on BUT there is still a need to go through all our ¨stuff,¨ and leave the old behind.

Sorry that I mentioned the 18 to 28 degrees in the beginning and then never went into it haha! Guess you´ll have to tune in next week! In the meantime, check out the FREE webinar I´m doing this Friday CLICK HERE See you there!


14 thoughts on “March 1, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Thank you for sharing the gorgeous gardens and your great report! Adding to your dialog: Shadows are nothing more than old misconceptions returning, in order for the light to fade them with new revelations… Shadows can’t exist without light, and the light positioned differently, rids the shadows! See opportunities in chaos, providing luminous opportunities to dis-cover new avenues to effectuate sustainable change. Replace the limited shadow of the monkey mind (old; beliefs, perceptions, etc.), with the expansive light of possibilities… Then your path will be illuminated… Namaste…

  2. Thank You so much brother. Now I know why. I have been having the longings of change. I am moving forward fearlessly. Blessings.

  3. As always I appreciate the direction and truth offered in your videos. I am an Aries born April 8/84 and very much feel the connection with repacking! I tried to explain to my partner last week that a “briefcase” he relied on very much in the past, will not serve him in his journey forward. But I see in his face the fear because everything in that briefcase, suitcase, trunk – was safe, logical – it had a pattern and a structure – the A=B result.
    For me it is much easier to change…I want the change. I have an extra confidence and strength I did not have the fall and winter of last year and my desire to go forward is much sturdier and stronger even without the concrete evidence of what’s coming – although I’m sure I will waver at times. I am overwhelmed and yet getting more comfortable with not having the need to have my feet planted on the ground.
    I very much enjoyed your comments about what was valued “then” and is it even what I want. There will definitely be pieces in that for me. Thank you for your connection and for sharing it with all of us.

  4. Epic times… you Kaypacha are good for me….others too i’m sure but i’ll express my selfishness here cause i appreciate you and how how I laugh with you and feel so much of what you communicate in these posts… thank you for your work and your sharing. you rock brother….

  5. You are so right it just hits you where it should!!! Absolutely amazing and profound and mind blowing ! Thank you!
    Love and light Aruna
    Could you do my chart how do I go about it….

  6. Ahhhh thank you so much Kypatcha!!! You’re a life saver!! ?? Amazing as always! Namaste soo much love!!! ❤❤❤

  7. Ahhhh thank you so much Kaypacha!!! You’re a life saver!! ?? Amazing as always! Namaste soo much love!!! ❤❤❤

  8. Literally I am packing my car, my trunk, with everything I own this week. I’m the lightest I’ve ever been leaving behind another narcissist, my baggage. Not to date another will be a world I’m ready for, a world of mutual love, respect and JOY!
    Shoot – what a concept to date another who has hope, resilientancy, and passion for change, live, life like ME!
    Oh I am worthy of new blessings.

    Thank you for your valuable interpretation of our universal shifting.

  9. Hi Kaypacha, your report for March 1st was unbelievably accurate in my life. I did not read it until 7th and had just had my daughter from 2000 miles north in Queensland Australia visiting(.She first told me about the Pele reports.)Anyway I simply was flat as a tack while she was here and couldn’t figure it out!!!!I love her visits and am usually so motivated in her company -she is an Aires cusp Taurus and total adventurer. Also have been repainting the house and throwing all the things I no longer want out.How’s that for accuracy. Wow amazing, love the reports .Keep up the good work for all our sakes. Namaste Penny.

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