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March 1, 2023 Astrology Forecast

March 1, 2023 Astrology Forecast

This sober situation,
Is breaking my heart open wide.
Giving me feelings I’ve not felt before,
And changing the course of my life.

Hola New Paradigmers!

I hope all is well in your world and that you are in a nice, warm snuggly space to get the most out of this Moon in Cancer and the Venus/Jupiter/Chiron conjunction! Put these together with Mercury and Saturn conjunct in the last minutes of Aquarius, and we have a very sensitive, feeling, emotionally charged week ahead. As I mentioned in the report and this week’s mantra, it is a sober, melancholic energy floating around, so best to slow down and smell the flowers rather than try to keep going and “keep smiling.”

With both Mercury and Saturn moving into Pisces this week and Pluto on the edge of Capricorn/Aquarius, this is a big month of change. As the mantra says, it is an excellent time to consider “changing the course of your life.” Some of you may already be in that mode, while others may be pushed into it soon. Whenever we’re going over the threshold into a new space that is foreign and unknown, there is naturally some apprehension. Who knows what lies ahead?

I believe that healing can occur now through sitting with our feelings, even though they are uncomfortable/painful. As astrologically, there are no accidents but rather unconscious forces at work, we can take every situation we find ourselves in as a learning experience and opportunity for self-discovery. Our feelings can act as our guides and teachers, especially when Venus (heart) is conjunct with the two great teachers of all time, Jupiter and Chiron! Rather than doubt or worry about the future, try sitting still, doing long, deep breathing, putting your question out to Spirit, and then “feeling” the answer.

Venus symbolizes not only love and relationship but values, a big word. This is also a time as she conjuncts Jupiter and Chiron, where we may need to reevaluate our priorities. If we lose something we value, it can freak us out, but if we remember that the universe is always supporting our growth, then the loss may be pointing out to us that we placed too much value on that, and there is something else more valuable. With the north node in Taurus, it probably has something to do with needing to develop something within ourselves more than look for it outside.  

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This sober situation,
Is breaking my heart open wide.
Giving me feelings I’ve not felt before,
And changing the course of my life.

You may notice that this week’s mantra is different than previous mantras, which contain inspiring thoughts and actions. With most of this week’s transits related to inner, feminine feelings rather than outer, masculine acting, this mantra is meant to help us be aware of our inner feelings and processes without “interfering,” controlling, judging, or suppressing them.

In so doing, we heighten our ability to tune into the more subtle nature of our feelings and the wisdom they hold for us. We increase our sensitivity, allowing us to perceive, open and surrender, and most of all, be grateful for the gift of life. One shadow of Pisces is that it can take things and people for granted and assume all will be well. This is a sure way to build an appreciation for the mysterious power of the Spirit present in all of life.

Here’s the version of Purple Rain (full of feeling) that came to me this morning.
Here’s the official version where you can understand the words!
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So Much Love,

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