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March 10, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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Sometimes I get sentimental,
Remembering times gone by,
The beautiful people who’ve come and gone,
Opening my heart up wide.

Hola, Beautiful People!

It’s a beautiful time on Earth! A great time to get out and get some good old natural Vitamin D directly from the Sun on your skin. A great time to get together with some friends, play some music, dance to some tunes (got three this week), or sit still and paint, breathe, and feel. Amidst all the heckle and jeckle going on “out there,” this is a good week to let go, chill out, and ACCEPT. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of action just around the corner after the Equinox, so take this opportunity while it lasts.

In today’s Pele Report, I mentioned a couple of things I wanted to reiterate here. I’m taking a chance and offering a workshop here in Costa Rica in mid-May! I’m so excited! I hope that the world situation is not so dire as to keep folks from coming. Let’s see. If you’d like a wonderful week on the beach to do some astrology, yoga, and sailing, check it out HERE!

Besides, I just finished a video for the NPA online community titled “An Astrological, Anthroposophical, and Scientific Look at 2020-2021.” I think the title speaks for itself. While it’s free to the community, I felt that it has a lot of valuable information that would be good for anyone. I’ve gotten some interest in Dr. Zach Bush’s work that I’ve mentioned before, and I want to promote his work, so this video contains a lot of that and more. Check it out HERE!

I’m also excited about The Global Gathering! I will be joining Dipal Shah at Ananda 4 Life, along with acclaimed speakers from around the world, on the next Global Gathering – a worldwide healing event to help humanity and the Earth within these shifting times. MARCH 17 at 6:30 PM Eastern. To register, just click HERE (it’s F.R.E.E. to take part!)

All in all, this is a time of year when we close out old cycles in preparation for the beginning of a new one. Let’s erase the chalkboard of 2020 and start with a clean slate! We can do that best by starting within ourselves and working our way out. Many blessings on your journey!

Sometimes I get sentimental,
Remembering times gone by,
The beautiful people who’ve come and gone,
Opening my heart up wide.

Haha! Getting all emotional here listening to the three songs for this week, and of course, I check the chart, and we’ve got the Moon conjunct Mercury/Jupiter. Astrology is so beautiful in that it is nature reflecting nature, the outside reflecting the inside. It is a constant reminder of the oneness of all things, and in that way, it is very Piscean.

Having just written this month’s Lunar Planner for the new Moon happening on Saturday, I can see ahead and know the energy will change dramatically after the Equinox. Knowing that kinda makes me even more nostalgic as it gives the sense that there is no going back, no rewind, no return, only forward motion. In another way, it impresses upon me the importance of living each moment to the fullest, eh? Let’s go for it and make some dreams come true.

So Much Love,

“The Way We Were”
“Still Crazy After All These Years”
“A Beautiful Mess”

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