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Like a snake shedding it's skin,
I now leave behind,
The old person I used to be,
And prepare myself to shine.


As I mention in the report, this is easier said than done.  I've found that ceremony helps. You may want to plan a little ceremony for the Equinox/Full Moon at 6:43 pm PDT next Wednesday.  Also, this is an especially important equinox for you if you have planets at 0° of any sign, as the Sun/Moon opposition will be aspecting those planets.


For now, the first 1/4 square requires an extra push, maybe a commitment to the new.  Fortunately, we have these beautiful trines from Mars up to Saturn/Pluto/Node in Capricorn!  This can be a really good week to ground it, make it real, and make it happen!  Of course, the big "make it or break it" is CONFIDENCE.  Take a big breath, believe, and GO!



So Much Love,

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