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The more I watch my temper,
The more conscious I become,
Of how I need to change my life,
So I can have more fun!


Simple Simon says, haha! Really, Aries (where we have the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus now) is known for being blunt, possibly brash, but for sure straightforward and clear! Get it done, get it outa' the way, and get on with it! And when it's blocked (like it is now) the fire can rise. Aries rules the head in astrology and they can have a temper and be "hotheads." However, with these aspects this will not be limited to only Aries for sure lol!

So, rather than get all in a huff....... make the change! I know Mercury is retrograde, that just means you should reflect on the change, plan it out, prepare it, not jump on it, but not not do it. Time to trust those Aries instincts too, your passion detector is a good indicator of what makes life worth living now isn't it? What lights your fire? What makes it burn brighter? That's it, you got it! Injoy!

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6 thoughts on “March 21, 2018 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

  1. Hello Dear Kaypacha,

    I would love to ask you manyyyy questions.

    Some of them are on the resolving and the life feeling of oppositions. In natal chart firstly…
    For example pluto conj sun opp saturn in natal chart….. And for another example a ton of personal planets in my chart opposing uranus!!!! i really would like to get a grounded knowing for this. I know the feel of action squares, love them. I feel trines, and conjunctions just feel natural…. Yeah…I am sure you have interesting things to say. I would love to have a personal contact with you, do some work together.though my study is not as long as yours… anyhow, would love for you to speak about my natal chart as well. Loved the Astro Day Webinar! Thank you for the insights and inspirations! Oh, and how do you see the sat mars conj opposing pluto? i do have mars conj sat natally too.

  2. Brilliant! Thank you! I actually totally resonate with your projection mantra – you explained it so clearly and it really makes sense to me – thank you, as always xxx

  3. There is more to the whole projection piece. Or maybe I have a question. I can be pissed off at someone that makes money off exploiting other people. How does that connect to internalized oppression? My anger arises not in the fact that they have money but the exploitation that the money stems from. If I consciously make a choice to not exploit other people for profit, would you still relate that to internalized oppression?

  4. Oh, man. I should’ve watched this report the day it came out. But I was too busy being stressed, angry and exploding at my job. Ha ha. What a nightmare. But now taking serious action to make changes, getting help to move forward and getting out of that awful work environment. Looking forward to evolving towards my true soul purpose in this life. Hoping I get there in this life. Thanks Kaypacha for your insights and humor!

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