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I need to ask the question,
Then sit still and listen,
To Life's new proposition,
For my evolution.

OK, now here's the funny thing, we can sit in meditation and ask the Galactic Center the question and listen intently hearing nothing but our own breathing.  We can then go out to the kitchen and have our lover give us a shopping list of things he/she needs emotionally, sexually, financially, or spiritually.  Now we can scratch our heads and wonder, but knowing the Law of One, In Lakech, and everything else.... The Galactic Center may just be using your lover to tell you very clearly the answer to your question, eh?  As above, so below, out there is reflected and highly active, down here!  Yikes!

So anyway, welcome to a new cycle around the zodiac of life!!!!  Got a few more days to defrag that hard disk, clean out the old limiting beliefs, fears, and the results of such, in prep for another round!  Ding!  Round 10!  Wow, retrograde Venus in Aries about to conjunct the Sun (next week)....  Just imagine doing Aries without Ego.... Let Kali kill your ego and then you have all the power, will, strength, and warrior to REALLY GO!  I hope you enjoy the show!  For more info on the Galactic Center and other good stuff stuff, check out the links below!

Philip: then click on "Galactic Anomalies" and then the "Galactic Center" Happy reading!
Astrology Rising Convention?
Scott Huckabay?

9 thoughts on “March 15, 2017 Pele Report, Astrology Forecast

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  2. Nice segue concerning Venus’ passage into retrograde and MahaKali… Destroyer of ego (beliefs we learned and adopted), resulting in bliss (opening to truth), hence the peaceful expression of Shiva beneath her gracious booning feet (navigating authentically with; open awareness and ever present Divine Grace)… Very Rod Serling-ish (Twilight Zone) explaining GC and Saturn :)… Philip’s amazing musings and wisdom, brightens and enlightens everyone who traverses his site! Raja means action and Sattva means the serenity of living being, thus may our actions be serene through Being (as apposed to the death spiral (or rabbit hole) of repeating other’s beliefs (ego)!)… Anger is the result of frustration between misinterpretation of what should be, with what is. It is the perfect time to reflect on what you need to change (you’re the one that’s angry!), so that peace is once again the result… Thank you again chef and pastor Kapacha for a wondrous sermon! Namaste…

    • Precious Satya… Kapacha (soon to be grandfather… Congratulations! :)), respectfully refers to: astrological researcher extraordinaire Philip Sedgwick, both with a link to his extensive site in the written portion of this report, and in the weekly video report above… Blessings and Peace fellow traveler!

  3. Just emerged from the sludge of the last couple of days…yep, defraggin the HD. Thank you! Thank you! I love how you explain and express this mysterious (to me) world of astrology. I smile and laugh and my energy lifts each week when I play your video, and whatever I’m going through all seems to make some sense.
    Namaste, Aloha, Sooo Much Love to All!

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