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March 16, 2022
Astrology Forecast

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There’s two ways to go and I have to choose,
To be a victim or a knight,
I need to engage and focus my will,
In order to get it right.

Hola Knights (in white satin?),

What I didn’t go into too deeply in this Pele Report (but will in the future) is how Pisces deals with the paradox of conflicting realities co-existing together. With the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, and Neptune all transiting there, we collectively need to deal more and more with multiple paradoxes. So yes, things are absolutely terrible, AND things are absolutely wonderful, the world is going to hell, and the world is going to heaven. We can see how genuinely liberating (and crazy) this is in some ways!

In this report, I focused more upon our need to emerge as present, focused knights that are charging into the future and need to actively make changes lest harm befalls the kingdom. On the other hand, we can (some more than others) also be experiencing great states of joy, bliss, and unity with others. I’m feeling super blessed to be part of a community in Costa Rica that has gotten together several times this last week to sing, dance, eat, speak astrology, make decisions and play music. Many blissful moments feeling the collective love and energy of the group. In many ways, our lives are becoming more a reflection of what we have dwelled on, chosen, and followed. Both our dreams and nightmares can and do come true, which makes it that much more important what we focus on!

May you focus on, and therefore create, love, bliss, and joy in your life and the lives of others!!!

There’s two ways to go and I have to choose,
To be a victim or a knight,
I need to engage and focus my will,
In order to get it right.

OK, I did not mean to imply that the Sabian symbol is absolutely related to the infamous Klaus Schwab. There are quite a few bald men that could fill that role these days! However, he was the first one to come to mind, and I thought it ironical enough to mention in the report. So I will once more reiterate that regardless of who is orchestrating it and what their intentions are (as we know astrology says there are no accidents), we are on a roller coaster ride that may get a bit scary.

Rather than lay down and “take it,” suffering, obeying, and losing, the Sun going into Aries says to get up, stand up, and charge into the future. The Full Moon in Virgo says, “Yup! let’s get down to business!” and the Venus/Mars square Uranus says, “Get ready for ANYTHING!” So if you’re up for a challenge and want to test yourself, this is an excellent week to take the chance. And may the force be with you!

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This week’s song is Night by Night!

So Much Love,

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