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March 17, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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Technology helps me stay in touch,
Anywhere, anytime,
But I need to stay conscious of,
It’s effect on my heart and mind.

Happy Equinox!

‘Tis the season beyond all reason, eh? This could be a real crazy-making week with a Pisces Mercury squaring the Mars/North Node conjunction! Also, let’s not forget that the chart drawn for the moment of the Equinox can function as a birth chart for the season – uh oh! To me, the way around this, and the message of the stars for this period, is to expand our minds outside the linear, logical, left-brain and embrace a more cosmic reality. Otherwise, (and we may well observe this around us) we will find the “Idealists” arguing with the “Realists” as to what is going on and what to do about it.

The other thing that struck me about this week’s Sabian symbol and the energy of this time is “the other side of Aries.” We can sometimes think of Aries as the rough and tough cardinal fire warrior that is a solid chunk of will and courage. However, just as Mars has a Moon named “Phobia,” so too does the warrior always have fear. Fears and insecurities come as part and parcel of inhabiting a physical body, and we all have them. We can be strong and afraid, sensitive and tough, soft and hard simultaneously, all part of the earth experience, eh?

Personally, I’ve emerged out of my safe, Costa Rica cocoon to take a look around and witness firsthand how people/the USA are dealing with the pandemic. It was odd to observe lone fishermen on the beach yesterday wearing masks while looking out to sea! Wow! Visiting my friend (in Santa Cruz, by the way), who I haven’t seen in years, and having him not come anywhere near me. We’re taking a 5-week camping adventure through a few states here and are looking forward to seeing if it is different in other places. I will keep you posted!

Besides busting out of my bubble, I’m excited to assist anyone else who wants to emerge out of theirs and come to Costa Rica for a deep dive into the astrology of these times and their birth chart! In addition to delving into the current transits, I’ll share the planetary method of chart interpretation. We’ll be exploring each of our charts as a means of learning and practicing how to read them. If you’re a budding astrologer (and like sailing!), this will be a workshop you won’t want to miss! Check it out HERE! ✌️

Technology helps me stay in touch,
Anywhere, anytime,
But I need to stay conscious of,
It’s effect on my heart and mind.

OK! I got all caught up with the Equinox, BUT, on a more practical note… ouch, this Mercury square Mars/nodes is bound to be a killer. We’ll start feeling it when the Moon goes into Gemini Thursday for sure, and then it’s just going to keep building up through next Tuesday/Mars and Wednesday/Nodes. We’ll be dealing with miscommunication and… “Communication Breakdown,” a second song for this week! Mercury in Pisces can get “out there,” and Mars in Gemini is “right here,” in your face, in the NOW.

This square’s cosmic point is that we need to incorporate more conscious (Mercury), imaginative, loving thoughts and ideas into our everyday reality (North Node/Mars in Gemini). Bringing the spiritual, cosmic vibrations down to earthly, communicable forms is for musicians and poets, so we all need to get in touch with our inner musician/poet, bring forth the dream potential, and try to get it across to others without it sounding like gobble-de-gook! Good Luck!

So Much Love,

“I Don’t Wanna Work”
“Communication Breakdown”

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