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March 23, 2022
Astrology Forecast

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When in a crowded subway station,
With my train about to leave,
I calmly manage the situation,
And don’t forget to breathe.

Hola Changemakers!

This is a time of change because we are here to make the change, right? Mind you, it’s not a walk in the park. As the mantra states and the thumbnail for this week’s Pele Report shows, it’s more like a crowded subway station. We wanna make our way to that train leaving for the future, and there are a few people in the way (I don’t think I need to mention names)! Whether they are billionaire global leaders or spouses, business partners, parents or children, we may all be bumping up against others with differing beliefs, plans, and goals blocking the way toward realizing our own.

This is symbolized by Saturn squaring the Moon’s nodes soon to be joined by Venus and the Moon this week and Mars next week. Squares to the nodes always indicate energy that needs to be integrated before the evolution can proceed (or that integrating the energy IS the evolution). Saturn, the original ruler of Aquarius, requires that we “grow up,” remain objective, responsible, self-disciplined, and consider the needs of others, the group, and society at large when making the necessary choices and decisions regarding our future. That can be a tall order! The square to Scorpio and Taurus says the challenge really lies in mastering our passions, desires, and fears around survival.

I could go on and on about this, but I hope these words give you something to meditate on with regard to your life situation and help you make “win-win” situations, choices and agreements with all your relations. This coupled with “moving toward the new, uncharted, and unknown expressions of Self” is the evolutionary call of the day/week/month/year. Blessings on your journey!

When in a crowded subway station,
With my train about to leave,
I calmly manage the situation,
And don’t forget to breathe.

In today’s report, I mentioned that Aquarius (high vibe) is non-attachment, while Aquarius (low vibe) is detachment. During these Aquarius transits, it may be tempting to “ghost” somebody or some organization, detach, and disappear. This is the association of Aquarius with trauma, as the desire to liberate can lead one to sudden, shocking, extreme actions that blow other people away.

However, the “high vibe” Aquarius is about stepping back/outside of a situation to get a broader, more enlightened view. This can be done with compassionate communication, heartfelt understanding, and concern for the other’s well-being. This is reflected in the Sabian symbol for this week’s Moon (feeling) Saturn (separate) Venus (in/out of relationship) conjunction. As we continually reach for ever higher expressions of ourselves, hopefully, and naturally, that will include an ever-expanding opening of our hearts. Blessings on your breaking up/through, and I hope to see you “on the other side!”

I would use that song by the Doors, but I already did! Have you checked out the Pele Report playlist on Spotify? I listened to it the other day and loved hearing one goodie after another… check it out!

For more info on today’s location check out Alegria Village.
This week’s song by the Allman Brothers – Midnight Rider

So Much Love,

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