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March 24, 2021
Astrology Forecast

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In times of uncertain chaos,
When the future remains unclear,
I center myself in the core of the earth,
As Gaia knows no fear.

Hola Free Spirits!

Yikes! So much chaos I didn’t even talk about Mars conjuncting the north node in Gemini on Friday! I’m juggling too many things these days, trying to take a vacation and keep up with the astrology. Mom used to say, “No rest for the wicked” LOL! Anyway, as much as I like to be positive, I gotta say this could be a “nasty weekend.” Emotional releases of both the best and worst can create all kinds of challenging situations within both our love/sexual relationships and as social rebellion (often accompanied by police/military brutality). The temperature is rising in more ways than one. Hopefully, the conjunction happening in Gemini will make it more cerebral than physical, resulting in debates/arguments rather than bruises and blood.

Birth is a messy, chaotic process, but by Jove, it’s worth it! We gotta keep pushing and keep breathing, and together we can do this! I’m excited to be traveling around different places, seeing many diverse people, and it is invigorating seeing how life goes on. People carry on, push through, laugh, and love even in the midst of not knowing. Gotta love the human race!

The reality of traveling (and living, I believe) is far more enjoyable and far less traumatic than is being portrayed or espoused by many. It was wonderful having no line at immigration, and the rapid test we took to get into the US (can you imagine, the worst numbers in the world wanting people to test to enter… a little backward!) was a cakewalk. I’m so relieved and inspired by what I am seeing!

I’m going for it myself. I must admit that I am on a three-month chlorine dioxide cleanse that seems to be working super well (snuck bottles in my suitcase). Anyway, I’m looking forward to resuming some travel/workshops just like the old days and am excited to share my first, hopefully of many, workshop this May. Where??? Costa Rica! It’s super chill in CR, and there is a ton of astrology to share, so come on down! Check out the details HERE! and I hope to see you there!

This week I shared a bonus video with the New Paradigm Astrology Community on The Equinox and beyond. Equal day and equal night. According to Mother Nature, the beginning of a new cycle around the Sun. What a wonderful time of the year! And just like a birth chart, this new dawn has within it the seed of what’s to come. In this video, I talk about what this new cycle has in store for us!

In times of uncertain chaos,
When the future remains unclear,
I center myself in the core of the earth,
As Gaia knows no fear.

Here we go again! The energy will be building through this weekend, just like the Moon will be growing fuller and fuller until full! The emotions will be growing stronger as long-repressed feelings rise like the lava in the Iceland volcano. The energy of rising to rebel against imposed limitations (whether real or imagined) is intense and needs to be dealt with. It’s up to each of us to determine just how we manage these emotions, project them, be driven wild by them, or delve down to the roots and liberate/heal/embrace them. One way leads to blame, resentment, and acts of revenge, while the other leads to peaceful evolution. The choice is ours.

Whichever way we go, this new 584-day Venus cycle, beginning as it is on the full Moon with the Sun/Venus conjunct Chiron, starts with chaos. As the old structures that are no longer able to contain the new energy fail, breakup, and breakdown with last ditch efforts to remain relevant. Some sad sites may be seen and felt as the disorientated wander, strikeout, and cry for help when confronting aspects of themselves and life they don’t have the means, teachings, or loving guidance to comprehend. The more we can stand as pillars of hope and strength for those scared, angry, depressed, or seeking escape, the sooner we will together build new structures, new institutions and find new ways to live in a more enlightened, free, and loving world. Let’s do it!

A great way to heal, strengthen and find your soul destiny in all this is to join me for my next workshop, “The Saturnian Reality of Creating a New Uranian Paradigm.” Learn about your chart, the charts of others, and the world together with like-minded souls on the beach in Costa Rica! Get up, get out, and get away to the stars! Check it out HERE! ✌️

This week’s song is Revolution! You know what I’m talkin’ bout!

So Much Love,

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