The time is NOW to be who I am,
Fully expressed as a woman or man,
Releasing the guilt of man-made religions,
To be an example for the next generations.

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OK! This is the month when it all comes down on either one side or the other (perhaps both for some of us). Like a tropical thunderstorm, some unnecessary attachments will go, and some new realities will emerge! Between this full Moon (Thursday) and the next (lunar eclipse), we will see the culmination of years worth of work and intention, and Life will show us just how on or off track we have been. The tension is mounting, and staying calm and centered will be the trick. Please check out the yoga section of my website for breath, yoga and meditation exercises to assist you in holding your space.

After turning the camera off for the Pele Report, of course, I thought of so much more I should've said that I came to the computer and talked some more!  I was going to add it onto the Pele report but it was just too long.  If you are interested, you can CLICK HERE to download and watch. (PS - if you have trouble with the download, please try a different browser) Injoy!

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