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March 30, 2022 Astrology Forecast

March 30, 2022 Astrology Forecast

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I have the strength and the power,
To create the life I now see,
For as a disciple of Spirit Love,
My path is laid out for me.

Attention! Spoken like a commanding officer addressing his troops!

Forward, March! Too funny that it actually is March! So get marching if you are not, and keep marching if you are. That’s the message for this week. We are all being “trained,” “groomed,” and “tested.” Mars/Saturn combined with a new Moon in Aries (especially conjunct Chiron) is like boot camp training for the military. If it’s not some external authority (like the IRS) telling you to get it together, you’ve probably got your own internalized mom, dad, teacher, or preacher giving you some marching orders from the inside. It’s times like this when we have to buckle down as there is no escaping the “reality” that it REALLY helps to have FAITH.

Faith, now symbolized by the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, is a phenomenon we accept, however illogically or downright unfounded in other’s eyes, that there is a “higher intelligence,” God, Source, or Creator, that is behind all this. I like to refer to it as “a spiritual setup.” We’re being “set up” just to see what we’re gonna say, do, or not. And what we say, do, or not is quietly noted on the Akashic record of our soul that is then used to create the following setup, LOL! And on goes the evolution!

The mantra refers to this higher intelligence as “Spirit Love.” It sounds like the name for my next song, dang it! Anywho, if we truly are disciples of Spirit Love, we’re gonna do this not only the best we can but with love in our hearts and a smile on our faces because we know that it’s not whether you “win” or “lose” but HOW you play the game!

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I have the strength and the power,
To create the life I now see,
For as a disciple of Spirit Love,
My path is laid out for me.

We can look at this Mars/Saturn conjunction in two ways. The first is if you are not your own authority, can’t handle responsibility, and you let other people decide things for you. In that case, you will feel put upon, shoved around, blocked, stopped, and limited these days. The second is if you are your own authority and have “owned” your Saturn need for form, structure, and duty to society and the future. In this case, you will hunker down, roll up your sleeves, deal with the bureaucracy, stay calm, cool, and collected, and get your business done. Boom!

Then you’ll want to sit back, relax, and let go as you allow Jupiter/Neptune to take you away on a magic carpet into other dimensional realms. If you’re a number 2 up above, it’s cool, you deserve it, and you know not to get wasted. But, on the other hand, if you’re a number 1, chances are you are angry at somebody and just want to “get the hell out” and may overdose on some substances as you seek to escape from the nasty perpetrators out there destroying your life. 

Lastly, then, but really through it all, you’ll have the new Moon on the wounded warrior. You’ll want to take special care of yourself, nurture yourself, feel good about yourself, speak your needs, assert your wants, and go for what you desire without guilt, shame, or remorse. The wizened healer will also consider others’ wants and desires and find win-win solutions where everyone is happy. The disempowered, self-pitying victim with this wound will feel further disabled and incapable of ever getting what they want. From these examples, we can see that it is up to us to master ourselves like the bear with its paws up, thereby mastering our lives. Go for it!

I’ve got three songs to capture the feeling of the three different conjunctions/energies hitting us at the same time this week (note: the Jupiter/Neptune is my fav, and I didn’t mention it in the report!). 

Mars/Saturn – Bachman & Turner “Takin’ Care Of Business”
Jupiter/Neptune – Carole King “Way over Yonder”
New Moon in Aries – FLEETWOOD MAC “Oh Well”

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